10 reasons why you should consider going Vegan

10 reasons why you should consider going Vegan

‘ll be completely honest there were not 10 reasons, and I don’t think there needs to be 10 reasons, for me there were 3 main reasons why I went vegan, but just to really get my point across I’ll give you 10, but in all honesty the first 3 should be enough.

Also this is not an attempt to convert everyone into a vegan (although that would be great), but is more of an attempt to get everyone to reduce their meat consumption, it’s about progress not perfection.

1. Health

All additional arguments aside this is the number one reason that resonates with everyone on this planet, no matter who you are, we all want to live long, healthy lives, pursue our dreams and grow old enough to watch the ones we love grow and evolve with us and around us, unless you have a death wish of course.

Going vegan or plant based means that you automatically remove 3 animal derived food groups that have been proven to cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and all manner of food related illnesses.

  • Processed Meat
  • Dairy Products
  • Highly Saturated Animal Fat

I have also found personally that without these 3 food groups ‘On the table’ it has been much easier for me to maintain a consistent weight and body fat percentage, of course I eat a natural whole food diet and don’t eat much junk but it is still easy to eat poor quality sugary products if you’re vegan, always go with natural whole foods for maximum health benefit.

2. Animal Lives Matter

I think in years to come we will look back in horror at the way we have treated our animal cousins, the contentment we have shown for their lives, with such a disposable manner. The industrial scale with which we farm, slaughter and dispose of living beings, is more aligned with products off a factory conveyor belt, rather than the sentient beings they are, that have both emotions and feelings, much the same as our own.

If demand for animal products, meat etc increases along with the population levels (approximately 10 billion by 2050) they’ll not only be less space to farm animals on the planet but an increase in the demand for meat, which will ultimately mean even more confined living and farming conditions for the poor animals, we cannot let this happen.

I now get to live every day, eating every meal, knowing that I am not part of this brutal and cruel system anymore.

3. The Environment

Research has shown that the Animal Agriculture industry is the largest contributor of carbon dioxide and methane pollution, which is causing widespread damage to the environment, contributing to the rise in global temperatures and the melting of the ice caps, not to mention the run off containing chemicals and hormones that are making their way into our water sources and food chain, along with the depletion of natural fish stocks and heavy metal poisoning in many fish species destined for the table.

I haven’t even mentioned the daily destruction of the Amazon rainforest and other natural habits around the world for use by the Animal Agriculture industry, the Amazon is known as ‘The Lungs of the Planet’, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that living could be quite difficult without the use of your lungs?

If you still need more convincing of the benefits of adopting a more plant based diet , then read on…

4. You don’t need it – survival, protein etc

In this day and age food is abundant, in the western world anyway, we are very lucky, food is available on every corner of every street, in fact we have so much food now days, it’s killing us, the wrong food is killing us anyway.

A close friend said to me the other day “I think we’ll look back on meat as the cigarettes of this generation.”

We no longer have the everyday need to survive, we are thriving and all our nutritional needs can be met easily on a plant based diet, especially protein, which is the biggest vegan myth ever.

The western world is on protein overload, we don’t need as much as we think and from my own experience my body now breaks down plant protein sources much more efficiently than it ever did with animal protein, with less waste.

Don’t get me wrong if I had to survive in the wild, and I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from I would probably hunt, kill and eat an animal but with a connection and deep respect for the life I had taken, there would be no reaching for faceless, neatly wrapped chicken breasts on supermarket shelves, I would also only eat what I needed, this is what nature intended and how the rest of the animal kingdom lives, in harmony.

Human beings are not currently living in harmony with the environment, there is no balance and it is showing.


 5. You are NOT a Carnivore

Unless you have long canine teeth for tearing flesh, a jaw that moves up and down such as an alligator or lion (Not side to side for grinding like an omnivore or herbivore) and have the urge to run after a squirrel and tear it apart with your teeth every time you see one, you are not a true carnivore.

That’s even before we take a look at our very long digestive system, the hallmark of an Omnivore and herbivore that needs a longer transit time to breakdown plant matter, it’s not designed to consume and digest large volumes of rotting flesh, that could sit in your intestines and release toxins. The digestive system of a true carnivore is much shorter than our own, for this reason.

Humans are in fact Omnivorous and thus have opportunistic tendencies to eat whatever is available when hunger strikes (survival), again many foods are available these days, we have a choice.

6. Dairy is NOT your Friend

I grew up drinking gallons of milk, I loved it, at night before bed, on my Frosties in the morning, it seemed like the right thing to do. No one in my family ever questioned the fact that it was ‘baby calf growth fluid’, designed for turning a calf into a huge adult cow of several hundred pounds in weight.

We are also the only species on this planet that drinks the milk of another animal, just think about it, doesn’t that seem odd to you?

There is a huge rise in the number of people who are lactose intolerant, new dairy free products are turning up every day, which means that our own bodies are rejecting it, yet we continue to drink it, lactose free etc, isn’t it time we listened to our bodies?

7. Anti-biotic Resistance

Here’s a stat for you, 50% of all antibiotics in the uk are used on farmed animals, to prevent the spread of diseases, most commonly caused by poor living conditions.

So the more demand we have for meat, the worse the conditions we have to farm animals in, which means there is greater risk for disease amongst the animals, which means the use of even more drugs and antibiotics, remember that all those drugs and chemicals have to go somewhere, ending up in our food chain, for our consumption.

We then have to confront the fact that some diseases and bacteria are now becoming resistant to even the strongest antibiotics, especially in pigs; those antibiotics are the last line of defence, what happens when nothing works anymore? Bacon sandwiches aren’t so appealing now, and this scenario could also make the most routine hospital visit and medical procedures become life threatening.

For more information please watch the short documentary SWINE to equip yourself with the knowledge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUYhAJ6MDrc

8. Anti-Inflammatory

But it’s not all doom and gloom, a plant based diet is naturally anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact our bodies need to use inflammation to heal and survive but as with all things when they become chronic (constantly recurring) problems arise.

Stress of any sort can create an inflammatory response in the body, especially physical or digestive stress. That is why ultra marathon and extreme distance athletes are choosing a vegan plant based diet to help with endurance and recovery after gruelling events, this is also spilling over into many other professional sports now such as boxing, UFC, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Tennis, Football etc where it is essential for a professional athlete to recover rapidly after an event, so that they are ready for the next, because their career and lively hoods depend on longevity and their bodies ability to recover, and to repeatedly perform at a high level.

9. Nutrient Density

Plants either vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds etc are the MOST nutrient dense food groups on our planet, so if your diet is mainly made up of them, you are fuelling your body and stacking the cards in your favour to live a healthy optimal life.

What do you think all the huge mammals that we farm and eat, actually eat themselves? PLANTS of course, all protein originates from plants if you think about it and if it’s good enough for a strong, powerful, muscular and intelligent Gorilla then it’s good enough for me.

10. Living Consciously

I want to live my life in harmony with the world around me, I want to flow with life, not fight against it, and eating a vegan plant based diet is one of the first steps we can all make to start that process.

It’s up to all of us to live a more conscious life and contribute to the improvement of the way we live and the impact that our decisions have on the world around us.

Living a plant based lifestyle is also the one thing that we can do every day to contribute to a healthier planet for ourselves and each other, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by all that is wrong with the world remember that you CAN make a difference every day.

We make on average three food choices a day, maybe more, that’s over 1,000 food choices per year, which means that you get the chance to make a difference over 1,000 times per year.

We all have the power to be the change we want to see in the world.

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