Transform Your Body and The Planet

Here’s how you do it, in just 7 weeks…

From Meat to Plants is a practical guide for helping someone transition to a plant-based diet.

Adam covers the most up-to-date nutrition information, offers resources to enlighten your journey, and most importantly, he is genuine and honest in his approach.

He isn’t trying to sell a new “diet” or scam someone with a fad. It goes much deeper than that. It’s about living in a way that connects our behaviors with our values and makes the world a better place.

Ryan Andrews MS, MA, RD, CSCS

Precision Nutrition Coach,

From Meat To Plants is the perfect beginners guide to adopting a more plant based lifestyle.

It can be struggle to get objective and evidence based answers to frequently asked questions about protein, supplementation, etc.

Adam covers it all in an easily accessible way and guided you through what could be a tough transition, and makes it much more achievable.

Zanna Van Dijk

Fitness Blogger and Personal Trainer,


“Hi my names Adam and I used to be a Proteinaholic….

In early 2006 I had emergency surgery to remove a blockage in my large intestine caused by ulcerative colitis, at the same time I was working as professional model and had to learn to live with a colostomy bag but I was lucky enough to qualify for an operation to rebuild my bowels and reconnect my internal organs.

I’ve always wondered if the heavy meat based diet I was eating at the time was one of the causative factors of my illness.


After my illness in 2006-2007 I was back to consuming a heavy animal based diet, eating rib eye steak for breakfast on a regular basis and if not steak then any number of meats with a selection of vegetables.


I was a part of the paleo diet movement and the fitness industries obsession with protein or more specifically animal protein, because like most I believed plant protein was inferior.

I was a self confessed ‘Proteinaholic’ sacrificing the quality of the meat that I ate just so I could ensure all six of my daily meals contained some form of an animal protein that would support my muscular gains and prevent me from losing my hard earned muscle without sparing any thought for the farmed animals and the conditions they were kept in.


Thanks to a spiritual journey that started in 2014 from a shoulder injury, my consciousness and awareness began to increase and the plant based world opened up for me with the help of a few spiritual retreats and hard hitting documentaries.


I decided to go on a challenging personal journey at the end of 2015 that took me to the mountains and jungle of Peru. I trekked to Machu Picchu through mountains with altitude sickness and diarrhoea, then onto the Amazon jungle to drink Ayahuasca the scared plant medicine to learn, heal and guide me forward.peru

We Must Be Willing to Go Through The Dark to Get to the Light

Here I am now and this is why I have created From Meat to Plants, I have combined my love and passion to get people fit, strong and healthy, with my new love of plant based eating and compassion for the animals and environment that suffer from our outdated food choices.


If you are reading these words then you have obviously started to ask the same questions that I did, with a willingness to look deeper into your nutritional habits, maybe one’s you have had since birth but are now ready to make the change and to improve your Health, prevent Animal cruelty and to reduce the Environmental damage caused by animal agriculture.

The Journey of a Thousand Miles, Always Starts with One Step

I have created From Meat to Plants to give people with this new level of awareness a supported and educational program to help transition from one way of living to another, with as minimal disruption to their lives and to reduce the physical effects a huge dietary change such as this can have physically and mentally.

The transition program is 7 weeks long to ease you slowly into the lifestyle and to minimise weight loss but be prepared to lose some weight as your body adjusts. (not everyone experiences this)

You will gain good knowledge of the way to structure a plant based diet whilst avoiding nutritional deficiencies and From Meat to Plants will show you how to explore nutritious and delicious plant based recipes with confidence.

My outcome goal with this program is that by the end you should be comfortably living a new Plant Powered Life, having transitioned slowly and consciously, gradually letting go of long held beliefs and installing new more conscious ones that are relevant in the world we live in today, enabling you to ‘Be the Change’ you want to see in the world, with every meal, every day.


Transforming Your Body and The Planet must be the biggest win win scenario we could hope for in optimising health, performance and environmental awareness.

Plant Power


What’s been stopping you from making the change?

  • Are you worried about nutritional deficiencies?
  • Have you bought the myth that plant based diets are protein deficient?
  • Are you concerned that it will affect your strength?
  • Are you concerned that it will affect your performance?
  • Are you worried that you will lose muscle?
  • You just don’t know where to start in making nutritious plant based recipes?
  • You know it’s the right thing to do with regards to animal welfare and the environment but just need pushing over the edge?

From Meat to Plants will teach you:

  • About the ethics and environmental benefits of switching to a plant based diet
  • The pro’s and con’s of making the transition
  • The potential deficiencies and how to avoid them
  • How to combine plant based foods to maximise protein intake
  • Who uses a plant based diet to enhance their strength
  • Who uses a plant based diet to enhance their performance
  • An easy formula to build delicious and nutritious plant based meals
  • How to replace meat from your diet
  • How to let go of dairy
  • The kitchen essentials to build plant powered meals
  • Recommended plant powered super foods
  • Why plant powered eating is the future we can’t avoid.


  • Weekly recipes
  • Weekly recommended education
  • Group support and accountability

Transform Your Body and The Planet by transitioning to a Plant Based Diet.