Know Your Turmeric

Know Your Turmeric

Ah the rise of yet another super food, the golden boy of the hour Turmeric. (Excuse the pun)

I’ve seen so many Turmeric related products turn up over the last few months in health food stores, I’ve even seen a stand in a shopping centre selling some kind of Turmeric drink which looked a little ropey, Pret A Manger even now do a Turmeric coffee, which is a little questionable as to why you’d mix it with caffeine from an anti inflammatory perspective but it would increase the antioxidant content of your normal coffee and does taste good.

The big claim behind Turmeric is its powerful anti inflammatory effects and anti cancer properties, there seems to be quite a lot of research behind it and thanks to we have some great proof that it really can benefit people with chronic inflammatory problems.

The active ingredient in Turmeric is Curcumin, it is the yellow pigment that gives Turmeric its colour and it is this compound that gives the powerful anti-inflammatory effects, it is poorly absorbed orally but is enhanced with black pepper extract (piperine).

Strong scientific evidence seems to back up the following claims:

Inflammation – Acts similar to some analgesics like aspirin and can help fight inflammation in a strong and general manner.

Pain – At doses of 500mg or more seems to be quite good at reducing pain and improving functionality in instances of osteoarthritis.

Antioxidant – It seems to have a subtle beneficial effect on most tissues and antioxidant enzymes.


For purposes requiring absorption by the intestines then a dosage of between 80-500mg is suggested, assuming it is taken with an enhancement such as black pepper.

“If using curcumin for intestinal purposes, then absorption from the intestines into the blood is not necessarily required. Due to this, one can simply use turmeric at the dose of 2-4g daily or take curcumin supplementation without any of the aforementioned enhancements.”

So the next time you pick up a Turmeric product that boasts wild claims, just make sure it contains the level of Curcumin and other ingredients as stated above.

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