I am so grateful that Adam has put together this short challenge; it came to me at the very moment I needed it the most.

It is day 21 and I feel brighter, lighter and so much tighter (and stronger!) I have very recently transitioned fully to a vegan diet. I have had the intention to switch to plant-based for the past year but found it difficult to fully commit because I was dubious and confused about whether a plant-based diet could support my athletic pursuits.

After devouring Adam’s ebook ‘From Meat to Plants’ I felt confident with all the knowledge to fully commit to a plant based diet. Shortly after, along came the opportunity to take part in the 21 day plant-based shred, it has really helped me to harmonise training and plant-nutrition.

On first glance, the well-planned workouts didn’t seem too gruelling…then came the high reps at the end of the circuits! BURN BABY BURN! The workouts really get your metabolism flying, I’ve experienced strength and cardio vascular improvements. You feel very stimulated, yet not annihilated! My body was sore during first week but then recovered super quickly during the rest of the cycle, I put this down to the anti-inflammatory nature of a plant-based diet.

Aesthetically, I saw results within the first week but it has improved SO much more: my fitbit monitors my sleep which has dramatically improved. I feel full of beans all the time! I am a foodie and always ready to eat but I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve EVER felt satiated on a calorie deficit (I didn’t actually feel like I was in a calorie deficit at all), the macro splits Adam advised worked really well for me.

This, for me, was the most transformational aspect of this programme as I’ve not felt hungry once, increased my energy and strength, leaned out a little and have a clear conscience about my dietary choices.

Thank you so much for helping me on this journey!