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I started training with Adam at the beginning of February 2015 with the goal of fitting into my wedding dress firmly in mind.

I had done very little exercise for 10 years since leaving school – I had been doing gymnastics training 4 nights a week, but after going to university, working long hours at a desk, smoking and eating exactly what I wanted meant that I gained weight and my fitness, which I had taken for granted, disappeared.

12 weeks, buckets of sweat, nutritional training and just the right amount of good cop/bad cop later – and I fit into my dress!

I can honestly say I feel healthier than I have in years. I am thrilled with the superb support, education and most importantly results Adam has given me.  He has not only helped me by making my body better, but his holistic approach has helped immeasurably during a stressful period of my life. His positivity is infectious and he is great at judging when you need a little push, or those few extra seconds between sets!

I cannot recommend Adam highly enough – I’ve already booked sessions to shift the post honeymoon pudge!


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Adam’s Notes

Congratulations to Adelaide, she worked her butt off literally as you can see and made some really healthy new life changes, all in time to look awesome on her wedding day, you can to!

Adelaide trained with me twice per week at Lomax Chelsea , for more information just get in contact below!

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