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We have been married for 23 years, and training has always been an important part of our lives, with family and work commitments there have been long periods where training had to take a back seat, coupled with increasingly poor food choices the neglect started to show.

Now our children are more independent we have more “our time” and realised just how out of shape we had become, we returned to the gym, made better food choices but still we were not happy with the results.

This was the point we decided, help of a personal trainer might be just what we needed.

We agreed to a 12 week program with Adam, who radically changed our nutrition using the CF Nutrition Package and training programs. The training was challenging but at the same time enjoyable with Adam pushing us to our limits. Adam ensured we always adopted proper form, technique and provided us with all the information and knowledge to follow the correct diets for our body types.

Adam was always able to stay focused (even with all of Lisa’s moaning) and able to keep us on track and motivated.

It has been a real pleasure to train with Adam over the last 12 weeks, he genuinely cares about his clients and getting the results they are looking for. He has shown real passion and at times extreme patience as we are not the easiest of clients to work with. We will really miss our training sessions with Adam but we are not so sure he will feel the same.

The only negative of the whole 12 weeks was taking and handing over those awful embarrassing before photographs, but this only makes us more determined to continue, this is not the finish of our journey, we will take what we have learnt from Adam to gain further results. Brian and Lisa

Architect and Nurse

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