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I came to Adam with a variety of goals – and in particular try to combat on going issues with my knees as I play a lot of competitive tennis – which Adam has shown a great deal of interest in and has taken a lot of time and effort in planning out the best way to achieve my goals.

With Adam it’s all about the bigger picture – he asked many questions about my lifestyle and made sure he had a very detailed description of what I wanted to achieve, showing true dedication and determination.

My strength has rapidly increased and I am in the best shape of my life, and this is also largely down to my diet, where I used Adams ‘real meals’ and level 1 basic nutrition to get the basics right and get into some good habits! Nailing the diet has really helped my training and I generally feel healthier than ever.

I am incredibly happy with the progress in my knees, as the problems I used to suffer have all but gone – Adam’s vast experience meant he was able to set up my training in a very specific way to develop my knees more and all I can say is a big thanks to him for this, and for all the motivation and support throughout this period, can’t wait to train with you again!



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