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I have trained with Adam for the past 12 months, soon after arriving to the UK from abroad. My initial impression of Adam following my introductory sessions was that of a professional and enthusiastic trainer and as such I had no hesitation in continuing to train with him.

During the next 12 months that I worked with Adam I came to the realization that he was quite a unique trainer, an intelligent, inspiring, and focused individual dedicated to his profession, his business, and to his clients. Adam constantly pursues continuing professional development, which benefits his clients and his own fitness goals.

He has a great ability to quickly understand his clients needs which being a vegan and a runner was important to me. Adam was not only able to enhance my performance as a runner but he also constantly challenged me physically and mentally in every session. I was never allowed to rest on my laurels and every session was completely satisfying and enjoyable. I never felt progress was not being made!

I have since left the UK and continue to utilize Adam as an online fitness consultant – personal trainers of Adam’s calibre are hard to find!



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