At the time I found Adam I was looking for a personal trainer who could help bring me back to a state of fitness and strength. I had previously suffered adrenal fatigue and while a change in diet and lifestyle had helped me come a long way energy wise, I was still at the point where even a beginners level yoga class would leave me slightly fatigued.

I needed a trainer who could work with me on a holistic level, build up my strength slowly and create programs for me that were appropriate for my particular circumstances and condition. Someone who knew when to push and when to back off.

I have now trained with Adam for 7 months. I am the strongest I have ever been and feel as though my fitness levels are well back up to where they were prior to me having my daughters (6 & 4 years). It is a great feeling. I would not have gotten here without Adam and for that I am extremely grateful.

Adam is a brilliant holistic personal trainer and a wealth of knowledge on so many topics, particularly plant-based nutrition, general nutrition and mindfulness, to name a few. We have some interesting chats during our sessions!

He is very passionate about what he does and loves the challenge of taking your unique goals and turning them into reality.


Mother of 2, Wife of 1