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Having trained for over 16 years I had tried every workout, every technique and explored many avenues to get into a better shape. With age and other more distracting day to day life I had come to a plateau in my physical development.

I needed fresh motivation and new direction although I was reluctant (and maybe too arrogant) to even considering to be led by someone else. However, the GRIPAD ELITE was about to be launched and I had to get into the best shape for the upcoming photo shoot.

Adam Inspired me with his intensity, focus, dedication, methodology, and above all, a uncompromising discipline which is usually associated with the “unique ones”. Training under Adam’s supervision allowed me to cross boundaries I never encountered in my 16 years of training.

Adam changed the way I was training, eating and resting. Using new exercises he garnished the boring routine I was carrying unwillingly for years and brought my enthusiasm and yearning for training as if it was an 18 years old trainer loaded with high testosterone. That was I had been lacking in recent times.

I was in great shape for the photo shoot and the photos are proof of the results you can achieve when you have Adam in your corner, pushing you and supporting you to get the best of yourself.


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