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Three months ago I started working with Adam, and he has been an amazing coach! He has helped me to set goals, construct a healthy eating plan, change aspects of my lifestyle that were unhealthy,and ultimately get in awesome, toned shape!

As a coach, he is always ‘on call’ to answer all the questions I have, which means I know when I am on the right track, and don’t need to guess anything.

Adam meticulously creates my training and eating plan, constantly changing it to keep my body guessing. Every three weeks he develops a new plan, so I am never bored!

Beyond the gym floor, and the kitchen counter, he has helped me to develop a lifestyle that I am happy with, and ensure that I am focused on achieving my goals at all times.


Business Owner

Adam’s Notes:

Sarah also receives her meals prepared by The Urban Kitchen, who I work closely with to ensure they know what Sarah’s macro-nutrient requirements are each week, it’s a great combination and Sarah is a very happy customer.

Check out The Urban Kitchen to see how we could work together with you.



As part of Sarah’s package I arranged a professional photo shoot with contacts at a villa in Ibiza. Sarah’s amazing shots were taken by the talented Samara Morris check her work out at

For more information on packages with photo shoots in Ibiza email me


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