Selva Organic Superfoods Review

Selva Organic Superfoods Review

There are so many food supplement, vitamin and super food companies out there now, all vying for our attention and our hard earnt cash, making it a mind field to know which company and or product we should go with.

With regards super foods I always ask myself the following questions before using a brand:

Is it Organic? – Now obviously this will go some way towards guaranteeing that the products you consume will be good quality and will not have any additional toxins that would reduce the effectiveness of the super foods.

What’s the Story? – Does the company share with you the origin of their products, the links they have with the farmers and their environments.

Bang for the Buck – Are you getting the best quality for your money and is it worth the money? If the answers to the above two questions come out positive you can pretty much guarantee that you will receive a good quality product but is it worth the money? That comes down to individual financial circumstances, for those who can afford expensive super foods yes but for those that can’t, then probably not.

My Nan lived until 93 without ever eating a goji berry or a shot of wheat grass, they are a luxury but if you can afford them I wholeheartedly recommend utilising them in your nutritional routine.

One company that answers all the above questions with a resounding YES is Selva Organic.

They supply and produce high quality South American superfoods. They operate out of the U.K. But have an operation and local staff in Peru where they cultivate Chia, Quinoa and Maca amongst other products.

Fairness and sustainability is paramount to their ethics working alongside their indigenous partners in an inclusive manner.

They are very honest and open in the fact that they do not produce all their products but when they source from a third party, they never compromise on quality, sourcing the best products which are not necessarily the cheapest.

I’ve been lucky enough to use their Cacao powder, Cacao nibs, Maca, Camu Camu and Golden Berries, I love their products.

Their cacao nibs are sweetened with Yacon another South American superfood, which is a highly nutritious root and that takes away the slight bitterness to the raw cacao and gives them a flavour and texture I’ve never had before, I love them!

The Golden Berries are high in vitamin A and beta-carotene, a rich source of anti-oxidants and have a sweet yet sour taste, perfect for adding to sweet chia puddings, vegan pancakes and as a topping for my protein porridge creations.

To top it all off each pack has a long plastic spoon to help delve deep into the packet which avoids covering your hands, clothing and work top in powder, it’s the small details hey.

I highly recommend Selva Organic superfoods, they tick all the boxes and the end product is one of quality and sustainability.

To check out their full product range click here


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