July 14

10 Minute Arms

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When all you have is a light pair of dumbbells and you want to do an Arms workout what can you do?

You need TUT (Time Under Tension) so performing continuous movement on a specific body part for a period of time should do the trick.


  • A1 – Close Grip Pushups x 12
  • A2 – Zottman Curls x 12
  • A3 – Overhead Tricep Ext x 12
  • A4 – Offset Grip Curls x 12

⚠️ This is different to an AMRAP the aim is for continuous movement for 10 minutes not necessarily to do as many reps as you can but to focus on TUT, just try to keep moving, if lactic build up becomes too much take 5 seconds and carry on.

⚠️ Switch to an Offset Grip (off center) for the Tricep Ext with your little finger against the dumbbell, this will then translate straight into the curls, and provide a change in weight distribution with the dumbbell and change the angle on the biceps.


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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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