November 14

10 Tips for Busy Mums to Stay in Shape

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As a busy mum your time is precious. Finding the time to spend countless hours in the gym away from either your career or the family home is just not possible.

So eating and training needs to be smart and effective to get maximum effect in the minimum time.

1. Routine

Set a time for physical activity and stick to it. You’re more likely to find time to be active if you do it at the same time and on the same days each week.

This goes for meal times as well, if you can plan ahead and make sure you’ve got food prepared ready to go, you’ll never go hungry and be tempted to reach for the poor quality food choices, especially when making your kids food.

2. Short Duration & High Intensity Workouts

This is a win win for you guys, the most effective metabolism stimulating workouts are those that are intense but of short duration, as long as you can push yourself hard and get out of breathe for 5-15 minutes you’ll stimulate your metabolism, create an oxygen debt and get the after burn effect, so that you’ll be burning fat for the rest of the day.

Or you could follow a Tabata protocol which is an interval workout that only lasts 4 minutes long but proven to have really beneficial effects. This way you could fit in 2 or 3 throughout your day.

3. Walk Whenever and Wherever

Addressing the law of energy balance will make a big impact on improving your physique, energy balance is made up of two elements:

  • Energy In – The food and drink we consume.
  • Energy Out – Activity and metabolism

So it stands to reason when energy in outweighs energy out we get weight gain and when energy out exceeds energy in we get weight loss.

Whenever possible choose using your own legs and leave the car at home.

The new ranges of fitness watches such as the FitBit can make monitoring your daily steps and activity level a fun game so that you can keep on top of it.

If possible walk your children to and from school. This will also help them develop a healthy pattern of physical activity.

How about setting up a buggy group with other mums and go on long walks with the children.

4. At Home Personal Trainer

Having a personal trainer who comes to visit your house will work well for accountability, they’ll make sure that you keep to a set schedule for your workouts, making it harder for you to get out of exercising and they’ll be able to regularly modify your training program making sure you’re always progressing towards your goals.

A good personal trainer will be able to listen to your goals and design a plan that will fit in with your schedule and lifestyle. click here…

5. YouTube and DVD’s

There’s a gazillion workout videos on YouTube which you’ll be able to playback and train to on any of your devices.

Exercise DVDs also allow you to get a good workout without having to leave your house. Exercising at home is easy to fit around your daily routine, which is key for the busy mum.
6. Online Personal Training

If you don’t need or want someone looking at you over your shoulder and for a cheaper coaching option that will provide that extra push and accountability then an online personal trainer will be able to provide this.

A good online personal trainer will have software that monitors and tracks your progress, nutrition and workouts along with videos plus regular check ins to keep you motivated. click here…

7. Focus on nutrient-dense food

Making sure your diet is made up of natural Wholefoods that are nutrient dense such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes will keep your energy levels constant throughout the day helping you to recover from workouts and to supply enough energy to look after the kids.

Nutrient dense foods are essential for the immune system, brain and hormone balance which will all be under strain after having children and on a day to day basis looking after the little ones.

8. Don’t starve yourself

Although we spoke about the need to ensure energy out is greater than energy in to maintain fat and weight loss, there is a fine line.

If you under eat too much then you’re in danger of losing muscle mass which will lead to a loss of the feminine curves you’re working hard for and thus will slow down your metabolism so that it is not working effectively for you burning body fat at all hours during the day.

This is where having an experienced trainer or nutrition coach comes in handy to work out how much and what you should be eating to maximise your efforts.

9. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of fluid, we are made up of 60% water so it makes sense that we should ensure this is kept topped up regularly, it cools us down, transports nutrients and toxins, it lubricates and facilitates many bodily functions and we are losing it constantly through perspiration, metabolism and toilet visits.

Drinking 200ml per hour is a good guideline to aim for or for a more specific calculation you can work out the right amount for your body weight.

Just times your body weight in KG by 39-40 and you’ll get the recommended daily intake of water in ml.

10. Don’t Feel Guilty

Mums are so used to looking after everyone else they sometimes forget about themselves when they should prioritise some of their own needs as well.

Mums are so important to the family unit especially healthy and happy Mums.

So don’t feel guilty about making time to exercise and look after your well being, you deserve it!

If you’re interested in getting yourself a good 1-2-1, Online Personal Trainer or Nutrition coach to help keep you on track whilst you look after the kids at home just fill out my online form for a free email consultation with me. Click here…

About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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