November 14

10 Years Personal Training

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Where do I begin…I guess first with a HUGE THANKYOU to every one of my Clients over the last 10 years, 1-2-1 and Online, it’s because of your continued trust in me that I’ve been able to survive this long and it humbles me continually when someone decides to seek out my help.

Thank you for all your efforts and all the hours we’ve shared together, I’m forever grateful for your trust and allowing me to be part of your journey. ?

Secondly a HUGE THANKYOU to the three major mentors I had in the early part of my career; Dan Boulle, Dave Petersen, Simon Jeffery, it’s their enthusiasm that motivated and inspired me in my career, I hope that I can pass that back on to others now, I realise now how important they are in all areas of our lives.

Thirdly a HUGE THANKYOU to all my colleagues I’ve worked with over the years at Fitness First South Kensington 2009-2010, Fitness First Baker Street 2010-2011, @winners2000fitness 2011-2014, Lomax 2014-2018, @lmotionstudios 2018-present.

Here’s to wherever the next 10 years takes me and I guess this technically makes me an expert now?? ?

Here’s a little montage of the last 10 years for you to enjoy….

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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer for over 10 years and a Vegan for over 5 years. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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