February 26

The 3 Principles of Plant Power

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These principles are the bedrock of my ethos and mission behind living a life that is plant powered and the coaching that I provide.

1.Reduce Trauma and Suffering

The first principle is the foundation and the reason why I adopted a plant based diet, not specifically for health but for ethics and morality. Following a plant based diet by definition leads us towards a future that focuses on reducing the amount of trauma and suffering that our lives lead behind, this is the main principle I encourage others to follow, as it is I believe the most black and white reason for following a plant based diet, it will give you a strong enough WHY, that will carry you through and guide the more difficult and challenging choices that you make.

2.Progress Not Perfection

Change will come about far quicker when billions of people strive for progress rather than thousands who strive for perfection, perfection is also an unrealistic goal. Striving for perfection, to live the perfect life, to eat the perfect diet will only pile pressure onto your shoulders that will burn you out and leave you feeling like a failure when you are unable to achieve such unattainable heights, often too soon in your journey.

This is a principle that I wholeheartedly encourage all my clients to adopt when embarking on the journey of self optimisation through plant based nutrition and exercise, the journey is long, it has no ultimate destination, although you may believe it does. I have taken my body on many many transformations over the years and each time I believed ‘this is the one’, only to have life throw curve balls my way and to knock myself off the current path.

Focus on just being a better version of yourself.

3.Simple and Sustainable

Over complicating the way you approach plant based nutrition and training will provide you with far too many opportunities to slip up and ‘fall off the wagon’ too soon into your journey. If you follow a simple plan that has fewer actionable points, you are far likely to complete each one which will provide you with the sustainability that is needed in order to achieve your goals.

A simple approach will allow you to make progress more frequently, inching you ever closer towards improving not perfecting yourself and your situation.

These Plant Powered Principles are at the heart of my Vegan Nutrition Coaching programs, if you’re interested in working with me just on nutrition without the gym workouts then click here for more information….


Peace Out and Plant Power

Adam aka The Plant Powered PT

About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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