If you've ever had trouble getting lean on a Plant Based Diet then this program is for you!

My Story

In 2014 when I went vegan, the burning question on my lips was "can I manipulate macronutrients just as effectively for fat loss on a plant-based diet?" so I created a program called 'The 90 Day Plant Powered Shred' and test ran it myself, within the first 21-day training cycle I realised that the answer to my question was a resounding YES!

I became leaner and ripped just as effectively as I had managed on a meat-based diet.

Getting lean on a plant based diet doesn't have to be a struggle.

  • There's no need to starve yourself.
  • You don't need to spend hours in the gym.
  • But you need to Train and Eat Smarter not Harder.

Adam Stansbury - The Plant Powered PT

The Problem

The fitness industry has been obsessed with protein, namely animal protein for years, the "chicken and broccoli" diet has been pushed by the mainstream as the easiest way to lose bodyfat and to control your calorie intake.

So switching to a Plant Based diet must be harder?

The Solution

Wrong, the same rules apply, you still have to stimulate the body's metabolism and muscle fiber to respond accordingly with a well structured and progressive program.

You can still manipulate maconutrients just as easily with a Plant Based diet, you just need to learn some new nutrition principles.

This program will only work if YOU do!

What do you get?

4 x 21 Day Training Cycles

The program is built upon 4 x 3 week training cycles that progress from one to the next as you go, they'll get harder but you'll get fitter, this is essential for stimulating the body to adapt and change.

Includes bodyweight versions for Cycles 1 & 2.

Value £450 

Plant Powered Principles eBooks

My full signature plant based nutrition coaching system. Includes 3 x Meal Planning ebooks, for Balanced, High Carb Low Fat and High Fat Low Carb meal planning, over 60 recipes, calorie counted plus MyFitnessPal Barcodes!

Value £47

Online & Mobile App Access

Using my website and app you will have on the go access to all your training programs that will automatically update your schedule as you progress through each cycle.

You'll also have access to the nutrition ebooks, food diary, body measurement tracking, before and after photo comparisons plus direct 1-2-1 messaging with myself.

Value £225

I just feel great today I feel great about what I've done for myself for the planet and for the animals over the last 3 months. I feel like I've made a true lifestyle change!

- geoff

Is the 90 Day Plant Powered Shred for me?

As much as I would like lots of people to take part in this program because I know the benefit people always get, some people are not always ready, this is a personal choice and only you can decide...

  • Get into your best shape ever
  • Structured and periodised training program
  • Proven results with 100's of clients
  • Learn the How, Why and What to eat on a plant based diet
  • No more guess work, I've done the testing for you!
  • Amazing value for money
  • 90 Days is a long time, not everyone is ready for that level of commitment
  • A program works but only if you see it to the end
  • If you don't have gym access the bodyweight cycles won't be as effective
  • You are going to have to work hard

There is no magic pill to body transformation and I'm not going to tell you that this program is a magical cure to your problems and that you can just sit back chill and eat what you like.

But what I will tell you is that just like in life if you are willing to put in the consistent and committed effort over the full 90 days, then you will see results in your body and life that you never have before, plus it will get more fun the further through the program you go.

If you're willing to show up everyday and put in the work then it will deliver...

I have absolutely loved the 90 shred. I fully plan on doing it again when gyms open back up. There is no doubt, that I feel stronger, leaner and in much better control of my eating habits.

- lindsey

Main Benefits

In the Plant Powered Shred, you'll learn how to Get Lean and Stay Lean.

Stimulate Your Metabolism

This program will aid you in becoming a fat burning machine in and out of the gym.

Count Nutrients not Calories

Use the simple portion controlling templates provided or calculate your calories if you desire more detail.

Eat Proper Meals and Stay Full

Eat delicious tasting meals whilst losing body fat with the included recipes.

Motivation & Accountability

Using my in app messaging service, contact me when you need a friendly chat to set you straight.

Flexibile Training Programs

Switch to the bodyweight home workouts in cycles 1 & 2 if you don't have access to a gym or are away for work/holiday.

Video Instruction for every exercise

Either login via my website or through the app to access your programs and each exercise will provide you both video and text instructions.

It's been a great 90 days and I've found my love for training again after about a year of struggle with laziness and poor time management. 

It feels great to have a healthy routine that feels sustainable. The continuous variation has helped a lot and has kept me challenging myself rather than getting stuck and repeating the same workouts over and over again! Great with short and effective workouts- I'm very busy (as most people) so that's really helped also.

- monica

What you will learn on The 90 Day Shred

  • How to lose body fat without counting a single calorie
  • The number 1 thing you need to know about portion control when it comes to getting lean
  • Know exactly what to eat and when to supercharge your metabolism
  • How to use cheat meals to actually burn more fat rather than gain it
  • How to Maintain youthfulness and health with nutrient packed recipes
  • The only 3 supplements you really need 
  • Superfoods to increase nutrient density 
  • What to eat on both training and rest days to stimulate your metabolism and consistently burn fat
  • Intense but fun workouts you can perform at home, at the gym or outside in the outdoors

The program gives you all the knowledge you need to get lean, but you must apply it.

Over 60 Recipe Ideas

We all know you can't out train a poor diet and although I provide you with fool proof meal building templates, there are also delicious recipe ideas to get you started.

The meal planning ebooks are filled with delicious, plant powered recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mobile and Online App Access

  • Never be second guessing what you need to do and when you need to do it.
  • Get exclusive access to the included mobile and online apps (for Android and Iphone.)
  • Daily schedule so that you know what you need to do each day.
  • Stay motivated and on track with instant access to myself when you need support.
  • Keep the program forever you can download a hard copy of the programs in PDF once completed.

Nutrition Coaching eBooks

The Plant Powered Principles ebook provides you with all the essential information you need to get lean on a plant based diet. The 3 meal planning documents will help you to plan the right combination of macronutrie

You will learn...

  • How to manipulate Carbs and Fats to accelerate fat loss and increase performance
  • The ideal macro split for your body type to stay lean all year round
  • How to get rid of stubborn body using the power of Carb Cycling
  • The best Plant Based Protein sources and combinations of food groups 
  • My 6 Step template for creating nutrient diverse and dense, plant based meals. 

The included toolkit contains:

  • Printable portion controlling templates so you always know what to put your plate.
  • Meal compliance chart to keep you motivated and help track your progress.

BONUS PROGRAM: 6 Day Peak Week 

  • In the final, bonus six days, you'll follow a 6 day plan to put the finishing touches on your physique for a photo shoot or the beach.
  • These are techniques that myself and other pro fitness models and bodybuilders use to get their body in peak shape before a contest.
  • The included diet and workout program will give your physique the finished, polished look.
  • With this bonus, you'll be ready to show off your new physique fully!

These past 90 days has been the most incredible experience. Not to say that I feel more energetic, I train better, I feel stronger, focused, happy, light, you name it.

- rodrigo


Message me Monday to Friday through my app and I'll get back to you ASAP.

If you miss a workout, I can see your activity and I'll be there to get you back on track.

Video Instructions

Watch on the go while you train using the video and text Instructions for every exercise.

Ensuring you perform all the movements with the correct techniques.

Available for Apple Iphone
Available for Android
Full Width App Feature List

Designed by an award winning Personal Trainer...

Years of personal and professional experience as a training and nutrition geek have all gone into this program that will get you into great shape, improve your body, sharpen your mind and improve productivity in your life.

If you're looking for a genuinely effective program and you're willing to put in the effort,
The 90 Day Plant Powered Shred

is for you!

Feeling so much leaner after cycle 1, and my stomach has never been so flat since having my son last year. Just the motivation I needed for starting cycle 2 tomorrow.

Thank you! 

- tara

How to sign up?


Fill in the Forms

Once you've filled in the registration form and made payment, you will automatically be added to my online software which will send you a couple of emails to fill in forms, with links to download the app.

Sign Up Today to start the shred on Monday May 3rd


Prepare Yourself

Have a good look around the app and it's functionality, the different areas where you will find the data logging, schedule, programs and of course start reading the program instructions.


Get Ready

Each program starts from Mondays, so you'll receive your first and every program in your schedule the Saturday before, so signing up a week in advance can be beneficial so that you can familiarise yourself with the content and hit the ground running!

February Offer

The 90 Day Plant Powered Shred

4 x 21 Day Training Cycles plus a 6 Day Finish!

Was £185 Now £97

90 Days of Training and Plant Based Nutrition

What's included

  • Plant Powered Shred Guide
  • 4 x 21 Day Training Cycles
  • Plant Powered Principles eBook system
  • Over 60 delicious plant based recipes
  • Online & Mobile App Access for 4 months
  • 1-2-1 Direct Messaging with Adam
  • BONUS: Plant Powered Toolkit
  • BONUS: 6 Day Peak Week program
  • BONUS: Home workout options for cycles 1 & 2

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Multiple Payment Options

100% Money Back Guarantee

Conditions Apply read here...

The proof that the shred works, of course, is the results it brings for you.

If you are anything less than delighted with your results, and I can see that over the 30 days you have:

  • Uploaded date stamped/proofed Progress photos (before you started the program and at the point of requesting a refund) these don't have to be in swim wear or underwear but must be in figure hugging clothing which will allow for a clear comparison of your progress.
  • Recorded body weight (before you started the program and at the point of requesting a refund)
  • Checked in and recorded your weights, reps for ALL the workouts via the mobile app
  • Watched and checked in ALL the instructional videos via the mobile app
  • Read and checked in ALL the instructional text messages via the mobile app

All activity in the app is logged so I can see what clients are doing or not doing on a daily basis, this helps my coaching by providing you with accountability to stay on track and if you have done everything that the program has asked of you (as in the bullet points above) and you have still not seen the results you're looking for then I will refund your money.

Be amazed and relieved with losing that stubborn fat. Experience the feeling of finally looking leaner. See the approval from friends and family on how great you look after your shred.

The opportunity to get lean is here, on this page in the order form below. Sign up - today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Vegan to do the program?

No! With the bonus ebook with every plan The Plant Powered Principles, you will be taught everything about a Plant Based Diet. Plus with easy to make recipes, it won't be difficult to transition quickly.

Is the Program beginner friendly?

Yes it's perfect for EVERYONE! With the included app, videos of each exercise and simple nutrition principles, it is great for anyone looking to get leaner.

Is the program for men and women?

Yes it is! 

Do I have to count calories?

No calorie counting is necessary, thanks to clever portion controlling techniques and printable templates that I have created for you.

I have quite a busy lifestyle, are there home workout options?

Yes! This program was designed for people like you in mind. The program is predominantly Gym based but there are full Home body weight workouts available for Cycles 1 and 2, to create more flexibility. Cycles 3 and 4 are purely Gym based at the moment.

Is the app available for Android / Iphone?

With every plan you get exclusive access to the Shred Facebook Group, where I will be there to answer any questions you have and help in whatever way I can!

What if I have questions during the Shred?

With every plan you get exclusive access to 1-2-1 messaging with myself, where I will be there to answer any questions you have and help in whatever way I can!

I'm not a big soy / tofu fan, are there alternatives?

Yes! There are plenty of alternative plant protein sources to choose from which I talk about in the guide and in the Plant Powered Principles Ebook.

I struggle to stay motivated with programs, how does yours differ?

This program has been designed for people like you in mind. With built in accountability via activity tracking and support via the 1-2-1 messaging service, I will be there to keep you on track and make sure you get only the best outcome from the Shred.

Will there be videos to explain the exercises?

Yes, I have filmed myself performing each exercise in the program, so that you know how to perform each exercise with good form and technique. There is also a full text description for each exercise.

What should I do if there are social engagements or holidays whilst I'm on the program, any advice on how to eat that day?

  • During a social event it’s all about damage limitation and not being too hard on yourself.
  • Be Committed and Disciplined - You know what you should and shouldn’t be eating on the
    program so stick to your guns and see it through.
  • If it’s a once a year social event with family and friends (which are very important in life and a
    joyful day for all), ask yourself “is this one meal going to make that much of a difference to my
    progress on the program and am I likely to gain more from enjoying it fully than by missing out on
  • The choice is yours, work out what your priorities are, choose your option and go with it, either way
    make your decision and stick with it (and don't beat yourself up about it!).
  • Worse case scenario in my mind is that you stay with the diet for all other meals during the day and
    just go with the flow during that important meal, try and stick with the portions, eat lots of veg
    before anything else, and wash it all down with plenty of water.