November 9

A bigger and more dangerous Trump you don’t yet know about

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There’s a more dangerous and immediate trump that has a bigger impact on you and me!

As the cheers and cries from America’s 2016 election fade, we’re left in a time of uncertainty.

The United States has voted to elect a man who, throughout his campaign, has said and done many morally questionable things in pursuit of the US presidency. As much as his policies worry me, I cannot help but feel we’re at risk from a much greater, smellier and more damaging trump. Cow farts!


Yes, cow farts. The 2012 documentary “Cowspiracy,” explores the environmental damage caused by methane gas, stating the substances contribution to o zone damage is 150 billion gallons of methane every day and the biggest factor overall in climate change. Where does methane gas come from? Cow trumps!


Last week’s documentary release of ‘Before the Flood’ further explored the issue and worryingly showed just how rapidly the situation is declining. We risk species extinction, huge ecosystem destruction and are rapidly approaching the tipping point of no return, meaning the world for our children and their children will look very different.

But what difference can I, as an individual, make to such worldly issues?

Well, quite a big one. We vote in the election of climate change every day with our food choices.


It’s takes lbs of water to produce a single kg of beef. It also means huge areas of deforestation releasing huge amounts of carbon dioxide to make room for grazing cattle releasing even more methane.

At the same time, recent medical research suggests eating red meat is as bad for us as cigarettes, whilst praising as plant-based diet as optimum for health of any diet. By switching to a plant based diet, we not only vastly improve our own health, we contribute to the greater good of the planet and all of its inhabitants. So whether the president is Donald trump, Hillary Clinton or Kanye west, fear not, change is in our hands but we must act now!


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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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