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What The Plant Powered PT Is All about...

Ever wondered how you can transform your body and your health on a vegan diet?

You're in the right place...

I’m The Plant Powered PT and it’s my mission to help Men and Women get fit strong and healthy on a Plant based diet, using state of the art Online and Mobile Software to deliver you Training programs and Nutritional support wherever you are.

I’ve been training myself for 20 years
- Personal Training since 2009
- Poliquin PICP L1&2 Strength and Conditioning Coach
- Precision Nutrition L1 Coach
- Animal Flow L1&2 Coach
- Awarded Gym Based PT of the Year 2013 at the National Fitness Awards

- Vegan Personal Trainer since 2014
- Upcoming Author 2019

Ready To Transform Your Body?

Let's work together to create the body of your dreams in the shortest time possible...

About Adam Stansbury

Hi there! My names Adam Stansbury.

 I’m the Plant Powered PT and I get men and women fit, strong and healthy on a plant based diet.

I’ve been working out in gyms since 1997 and professionally Personal Training clients since 2009.I’ve followed a plant based vegan diet since November 2014, when I made the decision to change from my heavy meat based diet to a plant based one, for ethical reasons but had been held back by my stereotypical view of plant protein sources.

Luckily I have since come to realise the many benefits of living a plant powered life and I’m here to show you that it’s possible to not only transform your body and health, but at the same time to have an impact on the bigger issues going on around us, such as animal welfare and the environment.