Plant Powered Principles

2 Modules 17 Chapters 81 Lessons Easy

About this course

Welcome to Plant Powered Principles,

This course will teach you the basic principles of plant-based nutrition to improve your Health, Body Composition, and Performance, helping you to avoid deficiencies and teaching you how to create and follow a flexible and well planned plant-based diet.

This course is ideal for anyone new to Plant Based eating and transitioning to a vegan diet or for those of you who are looking to fine tune your current plant based diet to reach your physical goals.

The course includes the four pdf text ebooks;

  • Plant Powered Principles
  • Balanced Meal Planning
  • High Carb Low Fat Meal Planning
  • High Fat Low Carb Meal Planning

These all come included with the course and you're encouraged to use them as you follow along with the video lessons, making notes as you go.

After this course you will have all the information you need to Transform Your Body and Our Planet.

Peace Out and Plant Power


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Course Structure

8 Chapters

Plant Powered Principles

This course will take you through the underlying and foundation principles of the Plant Powered System, created by Adam Stansbury.

Introduction 4 Lessons


Follow this course along with the Plant Powered Principles ebook and apply to join my private Facebook Group here...

About Adam

My name is Adam Stansbury, also known as the Plant-Powered PT and I specialise in helping Men and Women become Fit, Strong and Healthy on a Plant-Based diet, here's a little bit of background on myself.

Educate and Empower

This is my mission, to educate you with the principles that will empower you to live a life of informed choices.

The 3 Principles of Plant Power 3 Lessons

The 3 Principles of Plant Power...cont.

  1. Reduce Trauma and Suffering
  2. Progress Not Perfection
  3. Simplicity = Sustainability

Plant Powered Supplementation 7 Lessons


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Summary 1 Lesson

9 Chapters

Meal Planning Principles

This module takes you through the methods and philosophy behind the Meal Planning documents along with some of the nuances to look out for when it comes to strategising your nutrition plan.


Introduction 1 Lesson


Follow this module along with the Balanced, HCLF and HFLC Meal Planning ebooks.

Planning Ahead 2 Lessons

Meals and Shopping

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Summary 1 Lesson