May 31

Black Lives Matter All The Time



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Everyday of the year they matter…

…NOT only when the media and social media manipulate you into speaking up that Black Lives Matter, ALL life matters, every day, the suffering on this planet doesn’t take a day off it’s a daily occurrence.

I’ve been contemplating this the last few days and trying not to get caught up in the fever surrounding what’s going on but just observing.

Specifically, I’ve been observing many many white people all outraged on social media at what’s currently going on in the US posting on Instagram with such things such as ‘if you don’t speak up you’re part of the problem’ etc that is how many of the messages are formulated and yet they’ve never mentioned their compassion for black people once before on their profiles, it looks a lot like they’ve been guilted into posting, where was their support and outrage the last 365 days?

It’s all too easy just to do a repost and go on about your day believing that you’ve made a difference, without thinking more deeply on the topic.

I even received the message below yesterday on Instagram from a girl having a go at me for not using my platform to speak out about racism when I actually use my platform every day to promote a message of empathy and compassion to all beings on the planet, it’s what my business is built on!!

This I admit massively triggered me and it just became clear to me this morning why, and I am so grateful for the message and the contemplation that it triggered in me and sent her back love because it made me ask why I was triggered?

“I’m not staying in my lane and saying nothing but I’m also not getting into the lane that I’m being told to get into by social media.”

So I’ve just observed, and there’s something unbalanced about all of this that’s currently going on and there’s a feeling like there’s a weird agenda behind it.

I feel like I’m being guilted or shamed into joining the argument, and that doesn’t feel genuine or authentic to me, it feels like manipulation but it’s clever because you then feel guilty for feeling like that especially because I’m a white male.

I’ve watched a few videos from the late great Malcom X on ‘white liberals’ being the most dangerous thing to black rights and freedom in the Western Hemisphere hiding in plain sight like foxes, and more recently Candace Owens showing the way the lopsided media reports on black issues around the elections in the US, swaying black people into ‘single-issue voters.’

I’ve also seen a suspicious video on YouTube of a white person in a gas mask stirring up the violence and fear by smashing shop windows and walking off.

Suddenly COVID19 has gone, there’s a new agenda and dividing topic in town, that never went away, it was always there under the surface.

I am classed as a privileged white Male and I will never ever be able to comprehend, feel, know or have to confront the kind of racial profiling, trauma, suffering and prejudice that black people and other non-white races have had to endure at the hands of the white man throughout history, I can only imagine how horrific that was and still is for many, I can only try to empathise and connect with that pain and suffering, as I do with the suffering off all life on this planet that I don’t have direct experience of living the life of.

I stand in solidarity with ALL beings on this planet that are being persecuted and traumatised, I really wish for a society that has no labels and that recognises the sovereignty of every living being.

I’m not devaluing black rights with this perspective I am trying to bring ALL our rights together with empathy and compassion for all, we all matter, we can’t evolve as one race if we have any divisions at all.

So I won’t be bullied into creating more labels, divisions, and barriers in my mind when I don’t see them, surely this is the overriding message we should be spreading and be teaching, otherwise aren’t we just trying to fix another problem at the symptom level, as we do continually throughout our society.

We think that by creating labels we help define people, to give ourselves meaning, or a certain status in society, but it doesn’t, it creates a box around us and a separation from everyone and everything else, when we are all just part of the same organism.

This week I’ve been listening a lot to the great spiritual teacher Ram Dass who had a meditation he called ‘Loving Awareness’ where he would dissolve himself into pure loving awareness for all things, with no boundaries for the expression of his love, seeing nothing but love for all, being nothing but love.

WE ARE ALL Loving Awareness

Listen here to a longer talk with Ram Dass – LOVE EVERYONE

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