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Christmas Party Season Survival Guide



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It’s that time of year again that we love to hate, all the hard work we’ve doing since the end of summer after our last binge is about to bite the dust, with the onslaught of festive treats but it doesn’t have to be like this.

Here’s 10 tips to help you with damage limitation around your nights out this festive season, so that you start the year more like a lean bean than a Christmas pudding!

1.Intermittent Fasting – Probably the most useful nutritional strategy you could implement this Christmas in the run upto a night out or for the big day itself. This will not only help increase your overall insulin sensitivity but will help to create a slight calorie deficit in the lead up to a festive binge.

Try fasting from 10pm to 1pm the day of your event or party.

Top Tip: Perform this for 3-5 days pre- Christmas day, eating 2- 3 normal meals between 1pm and 10pm each day. This will create a daily calorie restriction so that your body will be able to metabolize and deal with the excess over Christmas more efficiently.

2. Pack in The Nutrients – Get your immune system and your bodies ability to deal with toxins from late nights and alcohol firing on all cylinders. I’m a big fan of ginger, lemon and cayenne pepper shots during the winter months and daily green juices.

On the day ramp up your consumption of nutrient packed juices and smoothies, so that you have a surplus of minerals and vitamins to deal with the approaching storm!

3. Exercise – Exercise is one of the most effect ways to lower blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity, not to mention the feel good factor you’ll get when you’re out partying knowing you prepared your body for the night ahead.
Try performing this quick 10 minute intensive body weight circuit for as many rounds as possible:

• Press-ups x 20
• Burpees x 20
• Squat jumps x 20
• Sit ups x 20

Do this in the morning to increase insulin sensitivity preparing you for the big night.


4. Eat your Greens First – Greens are your friends, offering you a massive boost of nutrients to help your immune system (because you’re gonna need it), fiber to slow down the glycaemic effect of starchy and sugary food groups that could lead to fat storage plus they will also aid your digestion and help to alkaline your body after eating more acidic foods.

So when you’re out at the restaurant for your Christmas party, eat your greens first to add another layer of damage limitation to your night out and recovery.

5. Drink a Shot of Citrus Fruit – Freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon or lime juice. Studies have shown this to help lower blood sugar levels due to the acidity which helps to slow down digestion of carbohydrates and thus prevents an unhealthy spike in blood sugar.

As little as 4 teaspoons taken along with a side salad has been shown to reduce blood sugar by upto 30%!

Top Tip: A little red wine and Vinegar can work as well, so have a glass of good red wine with your meal and add some balsamic or apple cider vinegar to your food.

6. Drink Healthier Alcohol – Note the wording of that statement not ‘healthy’ but ‘Healthier’, meaning the less you drink of any alcohol the better you’re going to be in the morning but if you are going to drink it then there’s a couple of better choices that you can make for damage limitation.

• Voda Lime and Soda – Clear spirits such as vodka with soda water and a squeeze of citrus juice is probably not going to get any healthier, although you might die of boredom drinking it.

• Red Wine – Now while too much red wine or more to the point too much bad red wine will bring on the headache from hell, if you can drink an organic vegan red wine you’ll find that they do not contain sulphates, the little critters who hold much of the blame for hangovers.

• Tequilla – It makes us happy right?! Just not the next day. Many people have had bad experiences on crappy cheap tequila growing up but if you spend a bit of money on a more expensive good quality brand of tequila you’ll find the taste is actually enjoyable and makes for an awesome longer drink with soda water. Tequilla is actually pro and pre-biotic as good quality tequila comes from Agave which contain Fructans that are naturally rich in pro-biotics.

It’s important to buy an 100% Agave Tequilla, this ensures the best quality and will avoid the cheaper brands that use a blend of agave and sugar and avoid that next day hangover.

7. Drink Water Before Bed – Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it removes fluids from the body, so drinking too much can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is what causes many of the symptoms of a hangover. So get the water into your body before sleep to help flush things out during the night.

8. Rehydrate and Replenish – Repeat step 7 and start your day with some serious rehydration tactics, work out your daily recommended intake of water using this formula: 39ml x bodyweight(KG).

Repeat step 2 of packing in the nutrients, getting plenty of green smoothies and juices back on board will really help to balance the acidic environment that your digestive system has become from the nights excess.

9. Vegan Virgin Mary’s – Well it wouldn’t be a hangover cure guide without a bloody mary in there somewhere but this one won’t be containing alcohol, sorry.

Fresh organic tomato juice, Himalayan sea salt, vegan Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, freshly grated horseradish and some organic celery will really get you back on form packed full of nutrients with some much needed electrolytes.

10. Move Your Body – The Lymphatic system is a network of fluid, tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials (such as alcohol) which is governed by movement, so if you don’t move your body, it won’t function optimally. So getting your body moving quickly will help with your recovery.

I’m not talking about doing a super punishing workout but a light movement based practise to move your body, get the blood flowing, stretch the muscles and mobilise the joints through multiple plains of movement, including getting upside down.

A movement based practise like Animal Flow is ideal as it covers multiple movement patterns, just do a 15-20 minute practise session and you’ll feel ten times better for it.

Do as many of these as you can and have an awesome festive season, have a ton of fun and be safe.

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Personal Trainer since 2009, Plant Based since 2014 with a shift towards Flexitarianism in 2022. I'm passionate about helping people to find a nutrition solution that is both good for the health of the individual and the planet.

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