November 20

Vevolution 2019

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One of the interesting conclusions to come out of all my consultations on Saturday at Vevolution aside from people still needing advice on “where to get protein from…” 😉 was a general misunderstanding of how the behaviours and habits you adopt should suit your goals.

For example; when I trained for Fitness Shows my goal was to get my bodyfat down to around 5% whilst maximising lean muscle mass, sometimes it was a bit more sometimes a bit less but generally that was my target, now this is an extreme goal, or at least it was for my body and for the large majority of the population.

So having such an extreme physcial goal called for a more extreme and unbalanced way of living for a short period of time (approx 12-16 weeks) to achieve this goal, knowing that this wouldn’t be a lifestyle that I would be living 365 days of the year after the show.

Does your Commitment match your Expectation?

Monitoring calories and macronutrients, weighing my food, preparing my food , carrying my food around with me in tupperware (sometimes to the cinema and social events) was a daily habit and behaviour that I needed to adopt, to maintain consistency to reflect the extreme goal I was in pursuit of.

My current goal is just to live well, move well, enjoy life and eat well, now of course I don’t want to put on lots of excess weight but I’m also not trying to get my bodyfat sub 10%, so my behaviours and habits reflect that.

At the moment I’m playing sport 2-3 times per week(badminton and BJJ), I’m training in the gym once or twice per week with some animal flow thrown in there and I eat 3 meals a day snack on fruit, nuts and dark chocolate in between and have a post workout smoothie on training days that contains a couple of bananas and a scoop of plant protein (from RAW Sport of course 😉

This is a healthy and balanced way of living that reflects my current goal ‘to live a healthy balanced life’, I don’t need to count calories and macronutrients because my goal doesn’t require it, if I decided to compete again or aim for sub 10% body fat then my behaviours would change and I would become much more detailed and diligent.

Don’t put restrictions on your life unnecessarily, but at the same time don’t expect a more extreme goal to materialise without hard work and dedication, ultimately you have to decide on whether you need to Increase your Commitment or Decrease your Expectations but remember…

“From Small Hinges, You Can Swing Big Doors!”

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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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