December 18

Does your Trainer respect your Vegan diet?

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Well if they don’t then bin them!…no only joking…

But you should seriously think about finding a coach who is flexible with clients and is always looking for the best solution for YOU the CLIENT, and not the best solution for THEM!

I do understand though as I’ve been there.

I’ve looked down my nose and had my head in my hands as I took on “awkward” Vegan clients, who didn’t fit in with my rigid Paleo Diet prescriptions of bone broth, steak for breakfast, multiple chicken breasts and whey protein shakes. I just didn’t know any different.

The reality is that the majority of the fitness industry world is indoctrinated in a “protein protein give them more animal protein and that’ll fix it” mindset, so this reaction is one born out of ignorance and a lack of knowledge in Plant based nutrition and a basic lack of understanding as to why you’ve made the choice to go vegan.

Help them understand

Start by pointing out to them that this is NOT just a fad diet, and the decision to go Plant Based goes much deeper than just Health, Body Composition and Performance but encompasses additional and more compassionate considerations such as Ethics and the Environment.

If they don’t understand or are unwilling to see the world from your perspective you are going to have consistent problems with them. You’ll pay your money and over the weeks they’ll become less and less interested because you refuse to eat by their rules.

A good trainer should see you as a challenge and they should show a hunger (excuse the pun) to learn, and to find a solution to your problem.

It should be exciting for them professionally, to gain a new client who can initiate new learning in them, and a solution that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Veganism is getting bigger every year

There was a huge rise in veganism in 2017 and the movement is set to become even bigger in 2018, so they’ll be more and more options available to you, as more and more trainers realise that plant based nutrition knowledge is essential and a new rapidly growing market.

I’m lucky that I’ve experienced both sides of the fence as a Trainer, and am now able to see and empathise with the frustration in people, who come to me after having Trainers pretty much say “my way or the highway”, without any attempt to understand why their prospective client is choosing a plant based lifestyle.

In reality there’s some very simple and easy to grasp fundamentals that can be applied immediately with great success for fat loss, weight loss, increase muscle tissue and improvements to health, my online program The 21 Day Plant Powered Shred contains these Plant Powered Principles and much more.

The 21 Day Plant Powered Shred now has 4 x 21 Day Training Cycles which can be completed separately or there are 42 and 90 Day programs available.

The 21 Day Plant Powered shred is getting rave reviews, like these two below, and one person said “it’s made getting in shape and being vegan almost easy! “

For more information on The 21, 42 and 90 Day Shred click here https://theplantpoweredpt.com/21dayppshredv2

Now that’s Plant Power!!


About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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