February 23

Flexible in Movement, Life & Nutrition

Animal Flow, Flexitarian, Philosophy


This feels aligned with who and where I am right now.

I’ve had first hand experience of how difficult we can make our lives when we put inflexible boxes and rigid structures around ourselves.

I’ve observed how inflexible my body was at one point due to relentless body building training, then came Animal Flow to loosen up my body and mind, and now I’m exploring ecstatic and contact dance to open me up even more.

I’ve observed how I needed more flexibility and freedom in my everyday working life, in came Online Coaching, which led to a change of location and Ibiza, the one place that gets deep inside you and forces you, mercilessly into becoming more flexible with how you approach life, love and your inner self.

Now I’ve observed how a belief system that I held dear and true for 7 years ended up putting me through a very difficult time as I broke apart and was forced to let go of an old identity that was no longer serving me for my greatest good. I needed more flexibility in my nutrition approach to improve my health and vitality.

What’s the answer?

Always be willing to evolve, to change, to adapt and to grow.

We are not static beings and neither is life.

So the more flexibility we can bring into our lives the easier it will be for you to change direction WHEN the time comes, because it will.

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About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009, Plant Based since 2014 with a shift towards Flexitarianism in 2022. I'm passionate about helping people to find a nutrition solution that is both good for the health of the individual and the planet.

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