November 12

Is it Safe to Eat Meat and Fish now?

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I read an article on Plant Based News today that stated Sainsburys are to shut all their meat and fish counters during the next COVID19 lockdown and here on BBC News.

I don’t know the exact reason behind this, whether they are concerned about the transferring of the disease through the meat in the food chain or the potential for cross contamination, this is always a problem with foods especially those that are animal derived.

Whether you believe ‘The VID’ originated in wet markets in China or came from a Lab, there’s much evidence surrounding the spread of infectious diseases through animal agriculture and it’s intensive farming methods that give rise to disease through the conditions that farmed animals are kept in.

I don’t actually believe meat in small quantities if caught or hunted from the wild is bad for the human body as we have evolved as an omnivorous species, eating meat when it was available and eating plants when it wasn’t, that’s our top skill, the ability to evolve, adapt and survive, plus we were connected to the life that you’re taking and consuming.

But it is the way we are now having to turn animals into commodities to meet the demand of the ever growing population that has taken something that was once in balance with the cycles of life and death on our planet to one that is having such extreme effects on the planets ecology, not to mention the trauma and suffering inflicted on the animals put through this horrific life style.

There is always a silver lining to every cloud and I believe one of the silver linings to come out of this situation is an increased level of awareness of the effect our food choices can have on not just the animals, the environment but the catasrophic effect they can also have on the lives and health of other human beings, not to mention the economy, careers, and our freedom.

If this is the case and other supermarkets follow suit this could be a good opportunity for you to try out some delicious plant based recipes and explore a different side to your culinary repetoire.

My Plant Powered Principles system can help you make the exploration simply and sustainably…

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