March 16

Let the Lion Roar

Philosophy, Poetry


There’s so much power within me,
I’ve not known how to bring it through,
My foundations not strong enough until now to withstand this force of nature within me,
There’s a powerful beast lurking inside,
That can no longer be caged,
He needs to be free,
To Roam,
To Hunt,
To Protect,
To Penetrate both his Woman and Life,
My mane has grown longer,
My body has grown stronger,
My mind made sharper,
There’s Clarity,
There’s Knowing,
There’s Presence and Purpose,
My Soul’s Song is a Roar,
I need help to bring it through,
It’s Rising,
It’s Coming,
It’s already here,
I just don’t always see it,
I focus on my prey,
My pupils dilate,
My throat swells,
My heart beats faster,
I can feel the power echoing through my inner realms,
Vibrations rippling into the deepest corners of my being,
Waking up every cell that has been asleep,
The Lion is coming,
There is no turning back,
You can’t stop this process,
Of becoming who you truly are,
You can try, hide and avoid,
Stay small play safe,
But your Lion will find you,
Your higher being will hunt you down,
There will be no choice,
Only one path remains,
The path you’ve been looking for,
And avoiding all your life,
The Lion-hearted path,
Are you willing to do,
What you need to do,
To become the man,
You want to become?
Then Roar Simba,
Now is your time.

The Lion energy came through strong for me at a ceremony over the weekend and then today I realised I’ve had some Chris Saunders Art stickers of a Lion on my laptop for a couple of years! 🤪🦁

Ok I get the message! ✨🙏💚

About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009, Plant Based since 2014 with a shift towards Flexitarianism in 2022. I'm passionate about helping people to find a nutrition solution that is both good for the health of the individual and the planet.

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