My 4 Favourite Foam Rolling Movements

Many people jump straight into their workouts without performing any drills to prepare their bodies for the workout ahead.

Foam rolling is a great way to prepare the body for a workout, it releases any fascia that’s become stuck to muscle, allowing for greater mobility and blood flow to the areas.

But not many people know what or how to do foam rolling correctly and effectively, that’s why this week I’m giving you a short video and description on how to perform “My 4 Favourite Foam Rolling Movements

These are my 4 favourite foam rolling movements for the most problematic areas.

  1. Quadriceps(Front of thigh) – Tight on many people and specifically women, which could cause an anterior pelvic tilt, leading to lower back issues.
  2. IT Band(Long tendon that runs down the lateral side of the upper leg) – This becomes chronically tight in many runners. Maintain a slight angle on the roller so that you’re not directly on the IT band, as this is a tendon and is pointless to roll out, you need to be more on the muscle that attaches to it.
  3. Adductors(One of the main inner thigh muscles) – Deep squats and low split squats can leave you with tight and sore adductors. These are tight and overactive in most people.
  4. Back & Thoracic Spine – Rolling the back and thoracic spine will click your spine back into alignment, allowing for greater rotational movement and improving Thoracic mobility will improve bar positions for squats and any overhead work.

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