November 22

Not Everything is Black or White

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Usually it’s the middle ground or grey area that holds most of the truth.
There seems to be so many arguments going around about many things in life, training and nutrition these days that conveniently class many things as right or wrong, good or bad, black or white and most of the time this just isn’t the truth.

It’s interesting to explore our need to classify everything we do into definite and clear labels, but life and nature just doesn’t work like that and a one size fits all approach very rarely does fit all.

Let’s take the touchy subjects of Race, Religion and Politics for instance, you may see someone of a particular race doing something either positive or negative and then conveniently class everyone with the same race under the same umbrella.

Followers of any religion or political party are locked into their core beliefs, they’ve invested much time and energy into believing them and so to deviate from their position could throw their world into chaos, as they have based their whole reality on such beliefs.

But shouldn’t each religion take into account science (and it’s overwhelming evidence) and or other religions as having valid arguments that when combined could actually come closer to the truth than we have imagine, or maybe science needs to start looking at spirituality and religions for sources of information that could give a more rounded picture of life? (they are starting to now, come on religion, you’re next)

Coffee is also a touchy subject, so many people love, enjoy and dare I say need a coffee in the morning before feeling right (just ponder that point for a second, is that healthy?) and I’ve had my own personal and constant battle with it over the years and continue to do so.

One minute in the media it’s bad then it’s good, the truth is that it is for some and not for others. There is a specific gene in the body that regulates how easy someone clears caffeine from their system, which reflects how easily and for how long they are stimulated. (Not black and white)

For me personally it turbo boosts my thought processes and productivity (great for writing) but the pay back is always not far behind, even at one per day for a few days it starts to make me feel irritable, anxious and effects my close relationships, so for me it’s something I need to let go of now completely.

Nutrition is much the same, Gluten is bad, Salt is bad, sugar is bad, Carbs are bad etc etc etc it goes on and on but the reality is that not one of these things are necessarily bad per say but the bad versions of them could be, if someone consumed them at the right levels to aggravate a pre existing condition or intolerance.

  • Gluten = Celiac Disease
  • Salt = Heart Disease
  • Sugar = Diabetes
  • Processed/Sugary Carbohydrates = Obesity

Then we have the rise of all kinds of fads and diets that exclude one or more food groups that they class as “bad”, such as the Paleo diet and the exclusion of carbohydrates from starchy veg, fruits and grains, which the last time I looked contained large amounts of nutrients.

“One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

Especially true if you consider my position as a Vegan! Lol but it demonstrates my point perfectly.

You can be vegan and eat an unhealthy diet, likewise you can be a meat eater and eat a healthy diet, that’s the truth but then you need to take into account someone’s nutritional discipline, access to quality food sources and overall knowledge of how and what to eat (definitely not black or white there).

Eating a vegan plant based diet stacks the odds in your favour by immediately removing potential causes of diet related disease, such as dairy, processed meats and factory farmed animal products, which are both bad for the animals (definitely black or white) and for the humans who consume them (sometimes grey, sometimes black or white). But it also adds in a much higher ratio of fruits and vegetables that have a huge impact on our health with the vitamins and minerals that they contain. (Black or white, maybe grey depending on how they are grown etc)

You can see from all of the above that it can be too easy to class things black or white without taking into account all the variables.

So what’s right then? Well it’s more a case of what is right for you and where you are on your path.

My personal mission is to live a life that reduces as much suffering and trauma to animals that I can, I want to try and exist in harmony with nature as much as possible and that is where eating a vegan plant based diet fits in with my life ethos and mission, it goes well beyond the protein argument bro and potential deficiencies, which can all be avoided.

For me it’s a decision based on empathy and compassion, which also happens to be very good for your health. (Black or white)

Animal Products = Trauma

I feel we’ve turned into a society that is too lazy to do the critical thinking for ourselves and consider all the variables first before classifying it either way, it’s much easier for us just to label something as good or bad, black or white, based on the recommendations of others and the media.

What’s my advice? Make your decisions not just based on what you’re being told or have been told but base them on your life, how they feel and fit in with your circumstance as an individual.

I think our world would be more peaceful and we would be more tolerant of each other if there were more accepted grey areas , we would certainly feel more free to think outside the box don’t you think?

If you’d like to work with me as your online coach either transitioning to a plant based diet or on improving your current one then email me at adam@theplantpoweredpt.com

About the author 

Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer for over 10 years and a Vegan for over 5 years. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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