• Are you transitioning from Meat to Plants

  • Maybe you're Vegetarian and ready to ditch Dairy?

  • Do you want to make the Transition in a Simple and Sustainable Way?

  • Are you worried that it may affect your Performance or Gym gains?

  • Do you want to make an impact on your Health, The Planet's Health and The Health of Animals?

"I will teach you HOW, WHY and WHAT to eat on a Plant Based Diet, not just how to follow recipes and meal plans."

Start Vegan Nutrition Coaching with Me Today

"Three months of online PT with Adam has enabled me to go vegan and, in turn, changed my life..."

"I have been unhappily eating meat for the last three years due to dietary restrictions linked to my ulcerative colitis. Adam’s guidance, education-oriented approach, and wealth of experience allowed me to make a shift to veganism that, beforehand, seemed completely overwhelming and impossible.

I’m so, so grateful to Adam for helping me to achieve this goal in a way that helps me continue building muscle and managing my condition.

I research animal law for a living and so this shift has had an incredible impact not only on my personal life but on my professional life as well.

As a PT, Adam has been responsive to all of my questions, he’s reached out when he’s noticed my dietary tracking could be better, and he’s listened to my concerns and ideas about my training programme. It’s been a really great experience and I’d highly recommend him to anyone, whether considering going plant-based or not.”

What Does The Program Include?


Nutrition Coaching eBooks

Plant Powered Principles

Learn the Principles of Plant Powered nutrition to improve your Health, Body Composition & Performance.

Plant Powered Principles will help you to work out your macronutrient fuel combination.

Three Meal Planning ebooks:

  1. High Carb Low Fat (HCLF) Meal Planning
  2. Balanced Meal Planning
  3. High Fat Low Carb (HFLC) Meal Planning

Each meal planning ebook contains:

  • 20 recipes
  • 5 for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Smoothies
  • Includes Calorie and Macronutrient breakdown for each recipe.
  • Barcodes so that you can scan each recipe straight into MyFitnessPal.

"If it's not Simple it's not Sustainable."

Accountability and Support

As standard in both packages, I will be available to you whenever you need to answer questions, help with motivation and keep you on track.

Using my in app messaging service to keep in contact, ask questions about recipes, ingredients or about the principles of plant based nutrition.

Each package will give you 4 weeks access to my app, support and messaging service.

You will not be alone!

*Messaging support hours Monday-Friday 9am-7pm






Plant Powered Principles and Meal Planning eBooks, Email Quiz Testing, Mobile App Access



  • Online and Mobile Access
  • ebook: Plant Powered Principles
  • ebook: Balanced Meal Planning
  • ebook: High Carb Low Fat Meal Planning
  • ebook: High Fat Low Carb Meal Planning
  • Email Quiz Test
  • Messaging Support

Coaching eBooks, Video Course & Live Lectures with Q&A



  • 2 x Online Live Lectures with Q&A
  • Video: Plant Powered Principles
  • Video: Meal Planning
  • Online and Mobile Access
  • ebook: Plant Powered Principles
  • ebook: Balanced Meal Planning
  • ebook: High Carb Low Fat Meal Planning
  • ebook: High Fat Low Carb Meal Planning
  • Email Quiz Test
  • Messaging Support
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