Are you constantly stuck in infinite 'life loops’ that get you nowhere with your...?

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Are you  fed up of going around in circles wondering why your life isn’t changing?

What is a Life Loop?

It could be ‘the next big thing loop’, or ‘the do more loop’, or even the ‘shiny new thing loop’.

Either way it’s a LOOP and you need to get OFF IT NOW!

You’ve probably read all the books, watched all the YouTube videos, and have all the knowledge but have real problems actually applying that knowledge to your life and goals.

Too Much Knowledge and Not Enough Action

You start a process, become impatient, get distracted by a new ‘loop’ and then start repeating the process all over again.

Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again whilst expecting a different result!


✋ ?

Get off your Loops ? and do something you haven’t tried before, the only way the loop will change is if YOU DO!

So make yourself a large bowl of consistency and commitment, and start taking new actions in your life, you might as well because you’ve been doing the same thing FOREVER! ??

From Small Hinges You Can Swing Big Doors

This is where I come in, I’m that small hinge that you need in your life to start swinging those big door goals from right NOW!

The Lifestyle Coaching Journey

The physical

The physical or outer world is the most common route to my coaching that most people first seek out.

We live in a physical body, in a physical world and we understand the outer world much easier than our inner world.

This is an important place to start.

the nutritional

The journey from a meat based diet to a plant based diet is a journey of increasing consciousness in itself.

It forces you to question the current paradigm, it asks you to think outside of the box, it requires you to understand the interconnectivity with all things.

The nutritional process is critical to support the physical path.


Our inner world is an unseen path that can become blocked or stagnant with old habits and belief systems holding us back from truly achieving our potential.

We must align our inner world with the outer world for full realisation of our goals and dreams.


“Hey Adam,

I just want to take a moment to thank you for all the time and support that you've given over these past 12 or 13 weeks.It's been a really beautiful Journey, and while I did not achieve the results I initially set out for, I feel like I've gained something much more, which is a deeper awareness of myself, of my body, and have fallen in love with movement and exercising my body again.

My connection between mind body and spirit is so much more in tune, and for that I am in a state of pure gratitude. This is absolutely what I plan to carry with me for the rest of my life.


Special Effects Makeup Artist

Kim's Transformation

Adam has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition.

Before I started his 12 week programme, I was doing the same thing every time I went to the gym. I have been plant-based for four years but although I thought I had quite a healthy diet I now know how little I knew!

I'm glad I found a plant-based PT because I wanted a PT and it was great to find one who shared my ethos. Adam's recipes were so delicious and will remain a part of my repertoire going forwards. 

The Thai Curry is the best I've ever made!"

Read Kim's full testimonial here...

It's ALL about YOU!

What About My Training?

  • Hate The Gym? No Problem, I can create workouts for you in the comfort of your home.
  • Love the Outdoors? Awesome, let's create a program so that you can maximise the fresh air in your lungs!
  • The Gym is your Religion? Cool I know your vibe, let's go deep into tempo and progressive overload to maximise your gains.
  • Tailored Training Programs for you, your lifestyle and your goals.
  • Fun, effective workouts that are adaptable to a busy schedule.

What About My Nutrition? 

I will teach you the principles of plant-based nutrition using my ebooks and Online presentations so that you will gain a deeper understanding of nutrition that will allow you to make more empowered food choices on the go.

Once you know why you're eating what you're eating and where to get it from, it will make creating healthy and delicious plant-based meals super easy.

No more for recipes with long and complicated lists of ingredients and instructions.

This framework will teach you how to be Fit, Strong and Healthy on a Plant Based Diet in a simple and sustainable way.

What About My Accountability?

  • Weekly Support Calls to keep you on track. (20 mins ELITE & PREMIUM)
  • Monthly Recap Consultations to discuss your previous training program and progress.
    (60 mins ELITE & PREMIUM)
  • Weekly Coaching Calls - Using Meditation, Habit Tracking, Conversation and Philosophy to take you deeper into unlocking your patterns.
    (60 mins PREMIUM ONLY)

1-2-1 Accountability is not available on the BASIC package but you will be able to ask for support and send me questions through my app text messaging service.

All of this support is designed so that I can give you the best possible value and help with motivation to keep you on track, I can also keep track on your activity through my app.

What About My Limiting Beliefs?

  • Weekly Meditations and Coaching 
    (PREMIUM only)
  • Reiki Distant Energy Sessions
    (PREMIUM option to swap Weekly Coaching Call for Distant Reiki Session)
  • Remove Energetic Blockages that maybe preventing you from realising your full potential.
  • Super Charge Your Motivation
  • Strengthen Your Discipline
  • Balance Your Inner World

I can send you Distant Reiki Energy no matter where you are in the  world, through conscious thoughts and intentions.

Whilst you relax and meditate at home.

Pick Your Package


Training Programs without the Accountability





/12 weeks

  • PHYSICAL - Individually Designed Program every 4 weeks
  • NUTRITION - eBooks & Video Course