Are you ready to Transform your Body on a Plant Based Diet?

My Coaching Style

How Can Online Coaching Help You?

Kim's Transformation

Adam has taught me so much about fitness and nutrition.

Before I started his 12 week programme, I was doing the same thing every time I went to the gym. I have been plant-based for four years but although I thought I had quite a healthy diet I now know how little I knew!

I'm glad I found a plant-based PT because I wanted a PT and it was great to find one who shared my ethos. Adam's recipes were so delicious and will remain a part of my repertoire going forwards. 

The Thai Curry is the best I've ever made!"

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 Emma's Transformation

Since I’ve been on 90-day shred, I am so much more relaxed with food.

There’s no restriction, and no calorie counting as it’s more about getting the balance right by following the plate info-graphics to make sure I’m choosing the right food group. I allow myself to have one cheat day a week as long as I follow the training and nutrition program according to the cycle and still achieve the result I wanted.

Adam has been incredibly supportive when I had a death in the family and couldn’t commit to the program for a length of time...

Read Emma's full testimonial here...

Marius's Transformation

 Marius is a Type 1 Diabetic who when we first started working together was not Vegan but desperately wanted to go Vegan, whilst also working on the long term goal of training for a bodybuilding show later in 2018.

Marius went through various specialisation phases whilst eating a 3-3,500 calorie Vegan Plant Based Diet, and achieved these awesome results. 

What Does The Training Include?

Individually Designed Training Program

  • Get a workout designed for you and your goals
  • The best workouts are fun, effective and adaptable to your schedule.
  • Home body weight workouts for those with no equipment.
  • Outdoor workouts
  • Gym workouts for those who love lifting weights.
  • Low Budget Home Online Package Now Available!

Whatever your needs, I will create a program that will get you results as fast as possible.

Plant Powered Principles

Whether you want to get lean or build muscle and look toned, I will provide you with a frame work of Plant Based Nutrition Principles.

These Principles have been designed to help you make more informed and empowered nutrition choices.

No calorie counting needed, learn how, why and what to eat so that you can make the educated food choices you need for your goals.

Stay Motivated and Supported

  • ELITE ONLINE clients gets UNLIMITED 20 minute mobile support calls.
  • ELITE ONLINE clients gets a scheduled 60 minute mobile or Skype Consultation every 4 weeks to discuss their program and progress.
  • As a client, you will also be able to ask for support and send me questions through my app text messaging service.
  • All of this support is designed so that I can give you the best possible value and help with motivation to keep you on track, I can also keep track on your activity through my app.

Reiki Energy Healing

  • ELITE ONLINE clients gets one 45 minute Reiki Distant healing session per month
  • Reiki can help to remove energetic blockages that maybe preventing you from realising your full potential.
  • Do you feel unable to stay motivated?
  • Frustrated that your discipline for food keeps wavering?
  • Are you feeling weaker than usual or maybe your inner world feels in turmoil?

For more information on Reiki Distant Healing then click here...

What Exactly Can You Do For Me?

Body composition

Whether your goal is to lose weight, body fat or gain muscle, we can do it all on a plant based diet.

Get the physique of your dreams with my personalised training programs.

life Performance

Unable to realise your full potential? or feel like you are mentally blocked from achieving your goals?

Distant Reiki Energy healing can help to unlock your full potential to realise your dreams.

plant principles

I don't want to just teach you how to follow recipes.

Learn How, Why and What to eat, on a plant based diet to improve your Health, Body Composition and Performance.


Complete Coaching Solution with Video Consultations and Support Calls.


245 or 675

/4 or 12 weeks

  • Program Design Consultation
  • Distant Reiki Session Every 4 weeks
  • Video Consultation Every 4 weeks
  • Unlimited Weekly Support Calls
  • Plant Powered Principles Video Course
  • Individually Designed Program
  • New Program Every 4 weeks
  • Online & Mobile Personal Training
  • Nutrition Coaching ebooks
  • Meal Planning eBooks
  • In App Messaging Support
  • Member’s area login
  • Pay Every 4 Weeks
  • Cancel Anytime
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