What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing, where by the practitioner channels the available life force energy that is all around us, to areas of the body that may have become blocked, allowing energy to flow freely again through the energy centers or chakras, alleviating physical, mental and or spiritual problems. 

“A practise that relieves not only the external, physical sufferings, but the internal sufferings and obscuration of humankind.” 

Dr Usui

The term Reiki is a Japanese word used to describe a system of healing originally known as Usui Shiki Ryoho, or The Usui Way, so titled by its founder Dr Mikao Usui.

Reiki has been known to bring relief to a range of physical symptoms when other more conventional methods have failed, and because Reiki works on the many levels of a person, the healing can be accompanied by insights as the why the symptoms were created in the first place.

It is important to recognise that the role of Reiki and other complimentary healing practises could play a more active role in our society for improving the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals. 

Other similar practises such as ‘Qigong’ energy healing are recognised and recommended as complimentary to modern medicine in China, due to its long history with alternative healing methods and thus a more accepting perspective in mainstream society.

To best understand the name Reiki we can split it into two parts: Rei and Ki.

The first syllable Rei is Japanese for God, Creator or Spirit. Everything is Rei, all you see, smell, taste, touch, feel and hear. Rei is creation and simultaneously you know within your heart that you are part of it.

The second syllable Ki is Japanese for Energy or Power. The vital energy that fuels creation, Life Force Energy. Ki powers the motion of the universe. It is also known in other traditions as prana or chi.

Therefore, we could indirectly translate it to mean Universal Energy.

Distant Healing

A Reiki Practitioner is attuned to the Reiki energy giving them the ability to work with the energy for the benefit of improving their health and the health of others.

A level 2 Practitioner is also given specific symbols to use during sessions to aid with the healing process, to increase energy, help with emotional blockages, to bring peace and to perform distant healing.

Distant Healing can be used for past, future and present healings as well as on those who are absent, enabling the practitioner to send life force energy to someone in a different physical place.

The Process

During the booking of your session I will ask for a clear photo of your face, your full name, and your birth date, this allows me to fully connect my intention and energy flow with yours.

I will also ask if there is anything that is currently going on with you that you would like help releasing or working through.

At the time of the session all you need to do is get yourself into a comfy place, either lying down or sitting up, with your attention and focus on opening your heart and allowing yourself to receive the healing energy that I am intentionally sending.

Further Support

The session will last 45 minutes and once it is finished, I will send you a message to let you know that it is complete.

If you need any further support after the session then I am availabe to all my clients who may feel open in sharing their experience, feedback, and any revelations they may need more clarity on.

It's also a nice opportunity for me to share anything that came for me as a practitioner during the session, as this can help us put more of the pieces together giving you a greater understanding and ability to integrate what you have learnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Benefits of Reiki

Reiki Energy has an intelligence and will find its way to the areas of the body that need it the most.

Energy blockages can manifest in the physical body in many different forms, much like stress and how it will manifests differently from person to person.

Every illness or ailment gives us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, Reiki can help facilitate that process.

By unblocking energy centers in the body it allows life force energy to flow fully once again. By clearing the body, mind and spirit of these blockages it allows us to tap into our body's own innate power and ability to heal ourselves, once it is back in balance, which is within all of us.

Why I Practise Reiki

There is life force energy in abundance that flows through and around all living things but so many of us have lost the ability to tap into that natural energy source, and have become energetically blocked through various different life traumas and through the stresses of modern living.

Reiki enables me to help others improve their flow of life force energy, so that they can move forward again with their lives.

How I Can Help You

Using Reiki I can help to bring a renewed sense of energy to your body, restoring balance and a sense of peace and calm back to your inner world.

I make no promises but this may also help to alleviate symptoms of suffering that you maybe currently exeperiencing, and at the very least equip you with the right state of mind with which to confront them and move forward.

I can help also provide a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, from Energy Healing, Plant Based Nutrition and Online Personal Training and Movement.

How I Approach My Sessions

At the moment only Distant Reiki sessions are available, please see the section above on the main page for specific instructions.

I approach my sessions with love for everyone coming to me and gratitude that others have entrusted me to help them this way. It is an honour to be able to facilitate and help others to walk through their door.

My Reiki Journey & Qualifications

Having worked with people physically as a trainer for a number of years, I realised that what I could do for people was limited and that we are not made up of just one layer that modern medicine thinks we are, so to focus solely on that without looking at the bigger holistic picture didn’t make sense to me anymore, if we want to truly optimise our human potential.

Reiki kept coming into my life in some way or another, firstly a very close friend of mine Jo became attuned to Reiki and the concept resonated with me deeply, it was something that made sense to me and that I understood innately.

I then met my first Reiki Master Rory at a spiritual retreat in the UK who I bonded with and who I ended up becoming attuned to Level 2 with back in 2015.

Since then I have also been on my own personal journey of healing and self-discovery, drinking the visionary plant medicine Ayahuasca many times and experiencing it in the Peruvian Amazon, I have worked with the indigenous frog medicine Kambo for my own healing and other shamanic energy work to facilitate my own personal development.

Now it has become as much of a personal journey into the depths of who I am and what it means to be human, seeking out these practises and experiences to further my growth and to help facilitate others.

Reiki then left my life for a couple of years until 2019 when it came back with a force, and I decided it was now time to realign myself with it and to reattune myself to Level 2 Reiki with a new master.

It made poetic sense to me that I would train with my best friend Jo who was now a Reiki Master and who had introduced Reiki to me several years before when she started her journey.

In August 2020 I moved to Ibiza to start a new journey living abroad and to start my Reiki Masters with Jo, I completed my Reiki Masters in March 2021 after a fascinating and challenging 7 months in Ibiza.

For more information on my Reiki Master Joanna Lewins click here...

My Philosophy

We are all heroes and heroines on our own personal journey through life, learning the lessons we have come here to learn, we must learn to embrace and navigate the challenges and struggles we will all face, like a sailor who must navigate rough seas.

At times we must seek out others to help guide us through choppy waters, we are each other’s teachers.

Reiki is a tool to help us navigate through those waters.

I am not Healer but a Facilitator.

"I can only show you the door, but you are the one who must walk through it."

Who I am

My name is Adam Stansbury and I’m a Reiki Master, an Online Coach in movement and plant based nutrition, and an Author.

Having been through life threatening illness and physical trauma myself I have gained a great level of natural compassion and empathy for others and the difficult life challenges that we all must go through at some point in our lives. I have also been a Fitness and Nutrition Coach for over 10 years which has given me the skills and understanding to work with others, helping to facilitate their journeys.

I have also completed my Level 2 Reiki twice, through two different Reiki Masters and my Reiki Masters in March 2021.

My Location

I am based in Ibiza and available for 1-2-1 bookings and Online Distant Healing.

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"Adam created a peaceful setting and you immediately feel at ease. I had sensed there a block somewhere in my own flow and through reiki, Adam was able to identify it was my Root chakra, which I was then able to go away and work on to focus on being more grounded. Despite being contactless you can really feel the powerful exchange of energy. I felt very light, almost as if floating and sense of clearing and stillness of the mind. Thank you Adam for a graceful session.


Claire Project Manager


"Following a few weeks of illness, my reiki session with Adam was just what my body and mind needed to restore. At times I could actually feel the release in my body. I spent the duration of the treatment drifting in and out of a dreamlike state and at the end floated out of the room feeling completely relaxed, lighter and as if everything was flowing exactly as it should. It was amazing!"

Kristin Yoga Teacher


"Such a beautiful and relaxing experience. At one point, I felt urged to stretch my neck in all directions which was followed by a tingling feeling around my whole body, almost as if I was being lifted from the ground whilst being cradled by a sense of acceptance in a relaxing soft light. Which brought a smile to my face and the end to the practice. Thank you so very much Adam. I can feel a definite shift in my energy and my mood has been lifted. Peace!"

Robbie Write & Presenter


"My experience of distant Reiki with Adam was very positive, deep and enlightening, as if the session facilitated and guided me towards the answers deep within me. I felt supported and nurtured. I had many visions and shed necessary layers of anxiety and self-doubt. Adam is highly attuned, and takes you on a beautiful journey towards healing. Hugely grateful to have received his blissed energy during a turbulent time."

Julia Sales Manager


"I feel like a new woman today Adam. I slept deeply and my limbs felt super light. I did wake up a few times. But when I did sleep it was quality. And for the first time on my days off I have managed to get out of bed before 9am. I feel really good today. Thank you"

Maryam NHS Nurse


"This was my second distant Reiki session with Adam, and what a gift! It was juicy, deep and powerful! I felt wrapped in a cacoon of healing love and light. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with me!."

Kristi Yoga Teacher


"Adam kindly and generously offered his time and energy, and I was expecting to feel relaxed and mostly do my own meditation. Whilst being open minded, I was not expecting the synchronization of thoughts from a distance and the overwhelming sense of bliss at the end of the session. He’s definitely highly attuned. Something was clearly activated and I’m very grateful x"

Claire NHS Surgeon


“Adam showed up with an understanding and calm persona. He explained the process and what Reiki is about. Very quickly I was able to let go of my uncertainty and he helped me to trust the process. The session was nothing short of magical and I felt a shift in my energetic body. It won’t be long until I return for further sessions. It goes without saying that I highly recommend his practice and professionalism.”

Roman Nutritional Therapist

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