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Retain, Retrain and Return to Innocence

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Semen retention can lead to huge improvements in physical performance and help us in returning to our sexual innocence and sensitivity.

WARNING: Family members or others who may feel triggered by the subject of me talking about ejaculation and pornography, either read with an open mind or don’t read at all. I take no responsibility for any offence being taken 😉

Why all the sudden fuss about Semen Retention?

Having been through the most emotionally difficult period of my life at the end of last year, which I just now see as my ‘End of year exams’ from the School of Life.

I felt the need to call all the pieces of myself back in, in a meditation the wisdom ‘Stop Leaking Your Essence’ came through and so I took that as advice to plug any gaps in my life that were leaking my essence and energy out, from external validation, social media comparison, stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine, pornography and the biggest drain on male energy of all, ejaculation.

I also want to be able to experience the dizzying heights of multiple orgasms that women more regularly have, rather than the explosive and sleepy finish that usually accompanies ejaculation.

Sitting in our ball sacks is a factory that is constantly at work producing little soldiers of creation. So much energy is stored up in this army of creative life force that once they are launched out of the love cannon and leave the body, so does a huge amount of your energy and ability to create.

This energy literally has the power to create life.

“If you’re wondering where God lives, it’s in your ovaries and testicles!”

Physical Performance

It’s no wonder that coaches and managers of sports teams worldwide forbid sexual activity from their players the nights before a big match or game. They know how powerful this life force energy is and how it can be channelled in many ways, not just sexually but into sporting performance and any creative endeavour that we choose consciously.

If their players are leaking out this life force energy the night before a game, it will affect their performance on the court or pitch, which may not have a positive outcome on the final score.

Of course, this level of conscious direction of such a powerful energy requires a certain amount of discipline, control, and intention, which like any practice takes time, I’m still learning and working on that. It would serve us as a society to teach young men how to harness this powerful energy for the good of humanity rather than it coming out through dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.

This is nothing new, certainly not to Taoist monks who have been working with this Chi energy for thousands of years, who understand the potent benefits that it produces for male health and life power, but it is new to many in the west.

Like most of the powerful wisdom found in the ancient cultures of South America, the Far East and other indigenous communities, it is the wests arrogance that has attempted to delete this knowledge and wisdom, because it can’t be bottled or sold for profit.

People who truly know what natural powers they possess inside of them are dangerous to conformity and a severe disrupter to the status quo.

I say FUCK THAT, I’ve come here to experience just how powerful a human being I can be and I won’t be told what I can or can’t do with my own body, to enhance it’s life potency and neither should you.

I’m moving into my 3rd month now of semen retention and I can’t tell you how powerful, centred and energised I am feeling.

I am feeling excited for life every day and what I may be able to create in the infinite possibilities that this game of life provides.

I’m going to bed every night looking forward to waking up. My work capacity for training and fitness has gone up. My passion for working out is coming back to where it was 10 years ago.

I am also making decisions and choices from a very powerful place within me of knowing and my voice is more certain than ever.

So what’s the catch?

The positive impact has been extremely beneficial for me, but what are the draw backs?

Firstly, if you don’t ejaculate you don’t need to worry about your balls spontaneously exploding one day, your incredibly clever body just reabsorbs the semen into itself, conserving that life energy and re-circulating it.

I have however experienced extreme erections at 4am that have made getting back to sleep hard (excuse the pun) but this is due to me needing to get better at consciously moving the energy away from my genitals and back around the body.

I have experienced painful ‘blue balls’ after a very erotic experience on a dance floor recently but again this is due to me needing more awareness around when and how to circulate my energy so that it doesn’t get stuck.

I haven’t had sex for a while, so managing this has been much simpler than it would be in a relationship, although from past experience if you have good communication with your partner about what your intentions are during sex and during orgasm you can navigate it just fine and both revel in the lengthening of love making.

This is something that will ultimately benefit you both in the bedroom. As usual communication and honesty is key.

I would say that the most important thing to approach this practice with is Flexibility, don’t let the pursuit of nirvana prevent you from experiencing beautiful sexual experiences with yourself or a partner if and when that arises, or if you accidentally lose control.

It’s all about Progress Not Perfection, so don’t put a box around yourself that stops you from enjoying the benefits of having a cock, just be mindful of what is going on in your body to produce semen and what you’re doing when you release it.

In essence make sure that…

“The Juice is Worth the Squeeze!”

Returning to Innocence

One of the most beautiful outcomes of this practice has been the re-training of my sexual sensitivity and libido, back to that of a young man. Hug me for too long and whisper an innuendo in my ear and I may not be able to prevent something getting between us.

One of the biggest problems facing young males is the speed of internet connectivity and the liberal access to pornography at the fingertips of anyone with a smart phone, exposing them to curated and unnatural sexual environments and experiences, that do not give them healthy sex education.

From a scientific point of view, it is the neurotransmitter Dopamine which is released whilst the arousal centres of the brain are activated during the watching of porn that gives you a fix. To get the same or greater Dopamine response next time, the user will need to look at something more stimulating to elicit the same release of Dopamine in the brain, and so the downward spiral begins.

The user needing progressively harder or more taboo visual stimulation to ‘get off’, this also lays neural pathways in the brain which are like train tracks, the more you use them, the deeper they become, and the more ingrained habits start to take hold, making it harder and harder to break the habit causing them.

I speak from experience as a straight man having watched transexual and gay pornography in the past to arouse me when regular porn was no longer pushing my buttons. I also know from reading posts on internet forums that this is quite a widely experienced phenomenon by straight guys who aren’t attracted to men in their normal lives. I believe this is in part due to the desensitising nature that chronic pornography use can have and where it can lead you.

To wrap things up

In this post I’ve tried to put forward the logical case as to how curating this powerful energy that flows inside all of us can be put to good use, rather than wasted.

I also feel that these conversations are critical if boys are to understand their urges, so that they can grow into strong, powerful, grounded, and centred men, able to handle the power they possess between their legs for the greater good of their lives, their lovers and society. It’s time for open and honest discussions, so that we can better understand our bodies and behaviours.

It is the nature of all things in our reality that people will experience differing degrees of effectiveness. Some guys may not experience any benefit at all from practicing semen retention, some will have dramatic effects, some mediocre effects, such is life, for me right now and for where I am it’s been an integral part of me rebuilding my relationship with myself and the inner power that is flowing from me.

It’s certainly helped me in returning to my long lost innocent sexual self, and has re-balanced my libido. Just like when you stop drinking alcohol for a while, your tolerance goes down and your sensitivity to it goes up.

By learning to cultivate your own precious sexual energy and removing dysfunctional external stimulation, you can begin to reset your dopamine system, and the neural pathways of old habits and before you know it you’ll be getting aroused again by looking at the underwear section of a clothing catalog.

Just be careful how quickly you take your keys out of your pocket, always leave the safety catch on!

To Be Continued…

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