December 16

Spanish Soul-Food Adventure: Sierra Nevada

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I arrived yesterday in the much chillier climate of the Sierra Nevada snow capped mountains.

Not many vegan restaurants going on up here so I’ve broken out my camping stove and made my own. Here’s a little dish I knocked up for dinner yesterday.

I took a short walk around the area yesterday and a longer hike today down into a local valley, by rivers and a reservoir.

It was quite strange to experience frost on the ground and a real autumnal golden hue to everything, it felt like a fresh and frosty winters day in the U.K.

I hope you enjoy the photos and I wrote this short piece as I sat by the flowing river, contemplating my life journey.

A River Runs Through It

Through my life,
It flows,
I encounter boulders as I go,
They slow me down,
But never stop me,
They just shape my flow,
Adding to the richness of my landscape,
The ending is unknown.

As it twists and turns,
All I can be is present,
Learning as I meet obstacles along the way,
That change my course,
But never my essence.

The little things,
The little moments,
They are not little,
This little moment sat by the water,
I reflect where my life has run,
And where it’s yet to flow.

I think about my life,
As a river that runs through it.

Onwards to Malaga tomorrow and where this part of the adventure comes to a peaceful pause for the Christmas period with my good friend Jimbo and his Mum.

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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer since 2009 and Vegan since 2014. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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