September 14

Supplement Review – Omni Superfood for Men

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Omni superfood is a company owned and run by Ondrej Matej a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer, with solid beliefs on nutritional practises that echoed my own, I was really excited to have the opportunity to test run his super foods product.

An all natural blend of super foods with the emphasis on micro-nutrients that support your immune, hormonal and metabolic systems, supplying you with substantial amounts of essential vitamins and minerals from some of the planets greatest super foods, therefore protein is not the be all and end all of this product as it has a low protein content but should be viewed as an outstanding all round food source, a complete product for improving health.

100% Raw Natural Ingredients
No Chemicals
Organically grown bio absorbable vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Organic hemp protein, organic pea protein, raw organic cocoa, organic red maca, organic lucuma, MSM, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla, cayenne pepper.

Ingredients 10/10
If you’re looking for a good quality protein shake or superfood product for me this is the first place you should start to assess a product and Omni Superfood gets top marks here.

Omni Superfood smashes the ball out of the park in the ingredients category, it is made up of the finest all natural organic ingredients, that will support your body’s immune and endocrine* systems (*hormones).

Protein Content 6/10
This product should not be measured on protein content alone due to the many other synergistic essential nutrients that every other protein shake on the market will be devoid of. I have marked it low here as for every 25g of product there are only 10g of protein but remember that is not the sole reason for consuming this product as the rest of it is made up of premium quality ingredients.

Digestion 10/10
Due to the quality of the ingredients and the fact it is made up of plant protein sources, this is a product that is perfectly made for those with whey intolerances or with compromised digestion, it gets full marks here!

Texture 7/10
A tiny bit gritty if taken as an isolated protein shake but I don’t feel this is the best way to use this product. Due to so many good ingredients it should be blended in smoothies or mixed with natural yoghurt and berries to make a completely balanced and nutritious meal or snack.

Mixability 7/10
Didn’t mix that well in a shaker but I would highly recommend you blend it with other ingredients anyway to make a highly nutritious smoothie.

Taste 7/10
Depends what you mix it with. On it’s own the flavour of this is definitely an acquired taste but I know this is actually down to the fact it contains high levels of Maca which is definitely the dominant flavour here, knowing that Maca can help balance hormones and more specifically help with testosterone levels makes it all worth the taste.

Blended with banana, blueberries and coconut water delicious!

Cost 8/10
At £60 for a 4 week supply, It is fairly expensive if you were to compare it as a normal protein powder but it is definitely not a normal protein powder and the price completely justifies the ingredients in my mind, if this was just protein then I would have marked it lower but this is a complete food source that will benefit your health greatly and that’s definitely worth the cost.

Overall 8/10
If I was just looking for protein content then I wouldn’t buy this product but if you’re just looking for protein content in a product then you have a very blinkered view of nutrition and how other ingredients work synergistically to improve health, body composition and performance.

People look at food with too much of an isolated approach, food is not just protein, fats and carbs but a blend of complex nutrients that support essential systems in the body, without the immune and endocrine systems working optimally all the protein in the world won’t benefit you.

This is by far and wide one of the best products I’ve seen that provides a complete spectrum of nutrients, add a scoop of this into a normal protein shake and you’d have a ‘wham bam thankyou mam’ of a shake.

Well done to Ondrej for creating a synergistic product that will improve your health no end.

You can buy Omni Superfood for Men here…


Ingredients – 10
Protein Content – 6
Digestion – 10
Texture – 7
Mixability – 7
Taste – 7
Cost – 8
Overall – 8




and you can buy Omni Superfood for Women here…

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Personal Trainer for over 10 years and a Vegan for over 5 years. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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