Success Stories

A picture of Adam's client Sarah after undergoing his vegan personal training service

Three months ago I started working with Adam, and he has been an amazing coach! He has helped me to set goals, construct a healthy eating plan, change aspects of my lifestyle that were unhealthy, and ultimately get in awesome, toned shape!

As a coach, he is always 'on call' to answer all the questions I have, which means I know when I am on the right track, and don't need to guess anything.

Picture of James before and after his transformation

A huge and personal thank you goes out to Adam...

I would whole-heartedly recommend his online coaching because it is his passion and it really comes across in his level of service provided. This was the best investment I could have made to get closer toward my goals and represents incredible value for money.

An image of Amy from the front, showing her results after the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred.
An image of Amy from behind, showing her results after the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred.

I am so grateful that Adam has put together this short challenge; it came to me at the very moment I needed it the most.

It is day 21 and I feel brighter, lighter and so much tighter (and stronger!) I have very recently transitioned fully to a vegan diet. I have had the intention to switch to plant-based for the past year but found it difficult to fully commit because I was dubious and confused about whether a plant-based diet could support my athletic pursuits.

After devouring Adam’s ebook ‘From Meat to Plants’ I felt confident with all the knowledge to fully commit to a plant based diet. Shortly after, along came the opportunity to take part in the 21 day plant-based shred, it has really helped me to harmonise training and plant-nutrition.

On first glance, the well-planned workouts didn’t seem too gruelling…then came the high reps at the end of the circuits! BURN BABY BURN! The workouts really get your metabolism flying, I’ve experienced strength and cardio vascular improvements. You feel very stimulated, yet not annihilated! My body was sore during first week but then recovered super quickly during the rest of the cycle, I put this down to the anti-inflammatory nature of a plant-based diet.

Aesthetically, I saw results within the first week but it has improved SO much more: my fitbit monitors my sleep which has dramatically improved. I feel full of beans all the time! I am a foodie and always ready to eat but I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve EVER felt satiated on a calorie deficit (I didn't actually feel like I was in a calorie deficit at all), the macro splits Adam advised worked really well for me.

This, for me, was the most transformational aspect of this programme as I’ve not felt hungry once, increased my energy and strength, leaned out a little and have a clear conscience about my dietary choices.

Thank you so much for helping me on this journey!

A picture of Emma's results after the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred

I completed the first ever Plant Powered Shred with Adam and loved it – but v2.0 is incredible. Much more relaxed in terms of food types, with a focus on whole foods and balance nutrition – no calorie counting! The recipes are a massive help, as are the plate info-graphics, they really help inform your choices, so that you can change your eating habits permanently – not just for the 21 days.

Picture of Geoff's back, showing his before and after weight loss transformation on the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred
Picture of Geoff's torso, showing his before and after weight loss transformation on the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred

I loved the 21 day shred, it's a complete program, you provided everything I needed to be successful.

I enjoyed having the app, it was like having you with me at the gym. The best part, the program works! I lost 9 pounds and dropped 2 inches in my waste!

I think the key was the constant communication through emails and the app. I particularly liked the videos of you checking-in with us, explaining what was to come and encouraging us to continue. The nutrition information was extremely helpful and makes the transition to a plant based diet much easier. I'm still on my personal journey, I'm not sure I'm ready to go vegan 100% of the time, but I feel much closer. I have been vegan for the 21 Days and I plan to continue for now. 

This has been a great experience, I look forward to continuing with you.

An image of Katherine's weight loss before and after working with Adam

I had been training at the gym for about 3 months, and although I made reasonable progress, I really felt as though this was plateauing.

So, I decided to take part in Cycle 1 of Adam’s 4 Week Challenge to give my training a much needed boost! From the outset, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenging training schedule and found the meal files invaluable in tightening up my nutritional intake.

The most valuable aspect of this challenge has been the sense of empowerment and achievement attained through being more responsible for my own progress. Adam provided very helpful email support which fed into the internal monologue that made sure I got myself down the gym, training hard and scrutinising the nutritional value of my food.

I am very pleased with the results, and look forward to seeing further transformation as my training continues. Many thanks

An image of Adam's client Kristen undergoing 1 On 1 Vegan Personal Training

At the time I found Adam I was looking for a personal trainer who could help bring me back to a state of fitness and strength. I had previously suffered adrenal fatigue and while a change in diet and lifestyle had helped me come a long way energy wise, I was still at the point where even a beginners level yoga class would leave me slightly fatigued.

I needed a trainer who could work with me on a holistic level, build up my strength slowly and create programs for me that were appropriate for my particular circumstances and condition. Someone who knew when to push and when to back off.

I have now trained with Adam for 7 months. I am the strongest I have ever been and feel as though my fitness levels are well back up to where they were prior to me having my daughters (6 & 4 years).

It is a great feeling and I would not have gotten here without Adam and for that I am extremely grateful.

Adam is a brilliant holistic personal trainer and a wealth of knowledge on so many topics, particularly plant-based nutrition, general nutrition and mindfulness, to name a few. We have some interesting chats during our sessions!

He is very passionate about what he does and loves the challenge of taking your unique goals and turning them into reality.

Picture of Alex's Transformation with personal training from Adam

I came to Adam as somebody who had been bulking, a bit overzealously in hindsight, on a very high-calorie diet. Having been the skinny 9-stone kid at school, I was motivated primarily by seeing the scales move up each week. I realised it was time to lose some fat, but in the right way so as not to lose a lot of muscle as well.

By having Adam in my corner it immediately eliminated the guesswork, as well as all the myths surrounding fat loss.
His enthusiasm is 100% genuine and this goes beyond fitness and into several areas of life in general. His sessions are always a blast, never a chore. So however fit you may be at the moment, I can assure you three months with Adam will elevate you to the next level, and leave you wondering where the time went.

Image of Arpan's transformation after training with Adam

I had a great upcoming holiday to Vegas and LA, and was keen to lose as much fat as possible, as a large portion of the socialising was to include pool parties. I’d managed to lose a bit of body fat but was struggling with shifting large amounts of it.

Having trained with Adam in the past, and knowing about his fitness modelling, I approached him with the goal that I had. Adam took time to find out key information on my lifestyle and produced a personalised training and nutrition plan for me. I can truly say that I never looked back. I managed to get great results in just 2 months, of following his exact plan to the detail. When I’m over my current injury I’m definitely getting back in touch with Adam to create a new plan for me to add more mass to my new leaner physique. Thank you Adam

An image of vegan Jose an Adam who lost 2% bodyfat after personal training

Transforming my a high carb vegan impatient self into a disciplined / enjoying the journey customer. I have dropped 2 inches around my waist in two month. Much more than high intensity training and high carb vegan diet has done for me in months! I know this is only the beginning and believe Adam has the ability to help anyone on their journey whatever that may be.
He's very honest and a pleasure to work with.
Plant power!

A picture of Sophie after her plant powered vegan health transformation

Having been unexpectedly affected by some worrying and fairly severe stomach problems I turned to Adam for some nutritional advice, in the hope that this may support me while I had various tests and saw specialists.

What I actually got from Adam was far more than nutritional advice; he helped me understand how it may be far more than diet related and how I could manage the condition holistically. He had true empathy for what I was going through and, with Adam’s help, by the time I was eventually diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, the symptoms had reduced so much that I did not have to take any of the medication that was recommended by the specialists.

I am truly grateful for the help, support and advice Adam gave me and I would highly recommend his services.

An image of Bhaarat and Adan after a personal training session

I reached out to Adam to help me push my training to the next level. Being vegetarian, I wanted some help with my diet too.

Adam took a genuine interest in helping me reach my goals and completely transformed my lifestyle. He carefully looked at and modified my diet, made suggestions on how to improve my sleep and worked on my technique. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made in just 2 months.

Brian's transformation after working with Adam
An image of Lisa after working with Adam for fat loss

We will really miss our training sessions with Adam but we are not so sure he will feel the same. The only negative of the whole 12 weeks was taking and handing over those awful embarrassing before photographs, but this only makes us more determined to continue, this is not the finish of our journey, we will take what we have learnt from Adam to gain further results.

Brian and Lisa
Images of Christian star of Cemetery Junction who Adam helped shed body fat

I enlisted Adam as my trainer a couple of months before I was due to start filming Cemetary Junction, as I needed to trim down to get into the slim fitting 1970's style outfits.

I trained with Adam 3-4 times a week for a month going through a series of intense outdoor circuits and lost 4kg with plenty of time to spare. Training with Adam was fun and intense but he always kept me very focused and supported me with any nutritional and training advice I needed, he really inspired me to keep going through the tough days and reach my goal.

Christian Cooke - Star of Cemetary junction
Euan's transformation after Adam's training

I came to Adam with a variety of goals – and in particular try to combat on going issues with my knees as I play a lot of competitive tennis – which Adam has shown a great deal of interest in and has taken a lot of time and effort in planning out the best way to achieve my goals. With Adam it’s all about the bigger picture – he asked many questions about my lifestyle and made sure he had a very detailed description of what I wanted to achieve, showing true dedication and determination.

My strength has rapidly increased and I am in the best shape of my life, and this is also largely down to my diet, where I used Adams ‘real meals’ and level 1 basic nutrition to get the basics right and get into some good habits! Nailing the diet has really helped my training and I generally feel healthier than ever.

I am incredibly happy with the progress in my knees, as the problems I used to suffer have all but gone – Adam’s vast experience meant he was able to set up my training in a very specific way to develop my knees more and all I can say is a big thanks to him for this, and for all the motivation and support throughout this period, can’t wait to train with you again!

An image of Fraser's fat loss transformation after working with Adam Stansbury

If your considering using Adams services, stop thinking about it and just do it, what he does is awesome and the results are astounding.

I have been training on and off for the last 10 years and with Adams guidance through the 4 week christmas challenge, and his deep understanding of training and nutrition, i can honestly say i have never experienced such a dramatic change in such a short amount of time (Just 4 WEEKS !!), its made me feel great, look alot better and feel much more confident and motivated.
Thanks for everything mate.

A profile picture of Hannah - a success story for the 21 Day Plant Powered Shred

I absolutely loved the 21 day plant powered shred! I can’t believe how much I was sweating on leg days without going near a treadmill, it was great!  It was also great to try a different type of training with the tri-sets, it was such a quick and effective way to train.. I also felt I learnt a lot, both from training and learning about carb cycling. I’ve loved it!

An image of Johnathan's weight loss transformation after working with Adam

Adam has completely changed my approach to training. With his knowledge of the fitness industry he keeps me motivated, with new challenges to keep me reaching my goals.

I could not be happier with the results and I look forward to each training session. If you truly want to see a difference? Then [Adam] is the man for you!

An image of James weight loss transformation after working with Adam

Having never really set foot in a gym to train properly or followed a nutritional plan, I’d say being now able to train in the gym confidently and have a great knowledge of the correct foods to eat has been my biggest achievement, along with a physique which has given me self confidence.

Adam has been great in offering me support and a wealth of knowledge to help tackle every eventuality, whether it be my nutrition or training, he has helped guide me throughout the journey and has constantly kept me guessing as to what is coming up next but throughout has maintained a consistent professionalism and a passion for what he does, always supportive but always pushing for more progress and better results. Which really keeps driving you forward and prevents you taking the foot off the gas but also means he’s never satisfied !

Jason's transformation after working with Adam

I have trained with Adam for the past 12 months, soon after arriving to the UK from abroad. My initial impression of Adam following my introductory sessions was that of a professional and enthusiastic trainer and as such I had no hesitation in continuing to train with him.

During the next 12 months that I worked with Adam I came to the realization that he was quite a unique trainer, an intelligent, inspiring, and focused individual dedicated to his profession, his business, and to his clients. Adam constantly pursues continuing professional development, which benefits his clients and his own fitness goals.

He has a great ability to quickly understand his clients needs which being a vegan and a runner was important to me. Adam was not only able to enhance my performance as a runner but he also constantly challenged me physically and mentally in every session. I was never allowed to rest on my laurels and every session was completely satisfying and enjoyable. I never felt progress was not being made!
I have since left the UK and continue to utilize Adam as an online fitness consultant – personal trainers of Adam’s calibre are hard to find!

Before and after pictures of Joss weight loss transformation after training with Adam

What sets Adam apart is that he’s genuinely interested in people and wants to support you through your own personal journey.
As with all things in life, you get out what you put in and at times its been tough but Adam gave me a huge amount of support and motivation to get me towards my goals. Now I’ve shed 25% of my bodyfat and I can’t wait to get started again in 2011. Thanks Adam!

Image of Roy's transformation after training with Adam

Having trained for over 16 years I had tried every workout, every technique and explored many avenues to get into a better shape. With age and other more distracting day to day life I had come to a plateau in my physical development. I needed fresh motivation and new direction although I was reluctant (and maybe too arrogant) to even considering to be led by someone else. However, the GRIPAD ELITE was about to be launched and I had to get into the best shape for the upcoming photo shoot.

Adam Inspired me with his intensity, focus, dedication, methodology, and above all, a uncompromising discipline which is usually associated with the “unique ones”. Training under Adam’s supervision allowed me to cross boundaries I never encountered in my 16 years of training. Adam changed the way I was training, eating and resting. Using new exercises he garnished the boring routine I was carrying unwillingly for years and brought my enthusiasm and yearning for training as if it was an 18 years old trainer loaded with high testosterone. That was I had been lacking in recent times.
I was in great shape for the photo shoot and the photos are proof of the results you can achieve when you have Adam in your corner, pushing you and supporting you to get the best of yourself.

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