The 21 Day Plant Powered Shred V2.0 … coming soon!!

The 21 Day Plant Powered Shred has got a makeover for Version 2.0, it’s coming soon with many improvements:

  1. A simpler to follow, intense and effective training split.
  2. More inclusive, open to all levels.
  3. Easier for those with a busy lifestyle.
  4. Home body weight workout option.
  5. No soy, tofu or processed foods, just natural wholefoods. 
  6. Example nutrition plans.
  7. No Calorie Counting but simple ways to protion control your meals.
  8. No more double training days, just smart and effective training programs.

In this version you will SHRED your bodyfat but you will also SHRED your old nutritional habits and become super vibrant and healthy in the process.

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Coming Soon!

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