July 6

Truly Free

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I recently recorded an epic podcast with one of my best friends Roman who has recently rebooted his podcast ‘Not Your Guru‘ (links at the end).

It was our second podcast outing together and one that ran very deep as we explored and explained a psychedelic day on LSD that we had both had together recently, we did our best to unpack the wisdom and insights that often accompany the psychedelic journey.

Over 2 hours later and we were finished and as Roman packed up his recording equipment, I sat there in quiet contemplation as one of the topics floated through my mind, one that is close to my heart and close to yours I’m sure, Freedom.

What does it mean to be truly free and how do I, you and us as a species get there?

Then these words came out of my mouth…

I have to be me, to be truly free,

You have to be you, to be totally true,

We have to be one, for our work to be done.

To be trule free I have to embrace every single little part of my being, the light, the dark, the uncomfortable embarassing bits, as much as the glorious parts that I and we all share so readily on social media these days, true freedom can only come if I love all of me.

You must do the same the same, if you are to live a life that is totally true to your being, real truth and freedom comes when we are no longer afraid to look at ourselves completely and to make peace with the earthen vessel we have been gifted with on this journey.

The responsibility for us all starts at home, once I have done my work and you have done yours, then We must come together as one complete and integrated unit of love and compassion to complete the work we have come here to do.

Only then will I, You and Us experience true freedom.

‘Not Your Guru’ Podcast with Roman

The podcast in question will be released very soon, if you want to listen to the first one that we recorded in 2019 the link is below:

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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer for over 10 years and a Vegan for over 5 years. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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