November 13

Why Many Fighters Are Going Plant Based

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“Cut out the middle man, digest your own food, eat plants that are close to the source that don’t contain any of the artery blocking properties such as cholesterol, that animal products do.”

That’s the clear message from www.FuelForTheFighter.com a website and blog dedicated to promoting a diet that is called ‘Eating Closer to the Source’ and is supported by long list of who’s who in the MMA, UFC and fight game.


It makes perfect sense for a fighter, who needs to recover rapidly after gruelling training sessions, allowing greater work capacity and adaptations, to help during and after fights that your blood is flowing optimally around the body.

You want a circulatory system that is clear, allowing maximum blood flow to deliver nutrients to the bodies organs and tissues for effective repair and recovery, not one that can become blocked by the over consumption of animal and dairy products.

One awesome point they make on the blog is that eating huge amounts of protein doesn’t make you strong, well planned and effective exercise and training programs make you strong, eating helps you recover, so why wouldn’t you eat the kind of diet that allows for optimum recovery?

We can leave science at the door for the moment and just take a look at the growing numbers of endurance athletes and fighters that are adopting a plant based diet, this is not just random occurrences, these are men and women at the top of their game who need to be able to perform optimally at a moments notice, who put their bodies through extreme conditions and who are making these food choices to optimise their performance we’re not just talking marathon athletes either which is a feat in itself but ultra marathons and iron man athletes such as Rich Roll, Scott Durek, Brendan Brazier and Hilary Biscay.

Back in the fight game brothers Nate and Nick Diaz are just two of a growing list of fighters from the UFC adopting a plant based diet. Nate massively shot to fame in 2016 when he beat Connor McGregor the man of the moment in the UFC.

His brother also a vegan boasted after the fight that “Conor McGregor got his ass kicked by a vegan!”

The additional irony to this situation was the fact that Conor McGregor’s movement coach Ido Portal famous for his capoeira past and his ingenious approach to human movement, was quoted a couple of years ago saying that “Vegans are too weak and are too low energy to train with me”, it’s funny how life can sometimes come back and bite you in the ass like that.

Tim Shief a Professional English freerunner who won the 2009 World Freerun Championship is another high performance athlete proving Ido and many others wrong, shattering the myths surrounding the capabilities of plant based athletes.

David Haye the English heavyweight world champion boxer also made a return to the ring this year as a vegan plant based fighter and has so far had two successful fights on his way to mounting a new challenge for his old title.

So whether you believe in the science of animal products causing cholesterol, heart disease, inflammation, antibiotic resistance etc or not you can’t argue with the evidence that many of the planets top fighters and athletes are choosing a plant based diet to not only improve their health but to also improve the planet.

The old stereotype of the weak, withery vegan is fading fast, you can be conscious, compassionate and still be a double hard bast**d when needed.

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