October 10

Why Vegans Should Supplement with Vitamin D3 and DHA

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There’s so much written about the potential deficicienies that someone following a plant powered diet can have and there is of course truth in most of it but don’t think that non vegans are better off, most people are starving of nutrients in this processed food age we are in, most plant powered eaters are more food savy than most other people because they have to be and if they are not then they should be.

I’ve struggled with a dry skin problem the past few winters that seems to occur once we start losing daylight, which points blatantly to a deficiency in D3 and after having myself tested I found I was deficient in DHA as well, one of the essential fatty acids needed.

I wasn’t deficient in Iron or B12 probably due to the fact I eat a lot of yeast extract, yeast flakes and mix my green veg intake with lots of vitamin c containing foods (this helps iron absorption).

Two of the most important nutrients and two of the hardest to obtain through a plant based diet, apart from B12 and Iron are D3 and DHA…but that’s no excuse these days with great supplements and new and ingenious ways of obtaining them without harming animals.

Vitamin D3
Primarily obtained from sunlight and then unfortunately secondary from animal products, this is an essential vitamin to ensure you have during the winter months, I’ve had trouble with dry skin in the past couple of winters but having found good supplements that really help.

Make sure you get a vegan D3 supplement as normal D3 supplements are obtained through a process involving sheep lanolin a waxy substance found in sheep’s skin.

Vegan D3 sources come from ‘Lichen’ a unique type of plant that has a symbiotic relationship between fungus and algae.

EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids (omega 3’s) mostly widely obtained from fish oils.

Now while we can get a good fatty acid profile from many superfoods such as hemp, flax and chia seeds we lack in the DHA department due to the inefficient conversion process that needs to happen when converting the plant based ALA form to EPA and DHA which is needed by the body.

But we can bypass this by supplementing with good quality Micro Algae Oil supplements and removing the middle men! (Fish)

I’ve just started using Natures Own supplements as they have a good vegan range encompassing the essential vitamins and minerals we need on a plant based diet.

Buy them on Amazon here:
Vegan Vitamin D3 – Nature’s Own Vegan Vitamin D3 High Potency 2500 i.u. (60 Tablets) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00SO0BTAI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_VB5-xbB3SFEAP
Vegan DHA – Nature’s Own Omega 3 Vegan 60 Capsules https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YACN9XO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eD5-xb5J2P3DP

So there we have it, yes it’s possible to become nutrient deficient on a plant based diet but no more so than on any other diet, it’s important to do your research and plan ahead.

The reality is that due to the high demand of people now interested in persuing a plant powered diet there will be more and more new emerging food technologies to combat deficiencies in our food supply whilst avoiding harm to animals and our environment.

There’s no excuse anymore this is the best time ever to…GO PLANT POWERED TODAY!

‘Getting Men and Women Fit, Strong and Healthy on a Plant Based Diet.’
Adam Stansbury
The Plant Powered PT

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Adam Stansbury

Personal Trainer for over 10 years and a Vegan for over 5 years. I'm passionate about helping people to realise that they can transform their bodies and our planet at the same time.

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